Naturally-Occurring Asbestos Sampling

We decided to head out to Woods Ranch after our underwhelming ride out at Knoxille.  I had not been to Woods since, I think, last muddy April on my CRF.  Yes, I think this was my first time with my big bike out there!  No wonder it was awesome. It has been a dry winter,... Continue Reading →


Ordered New Bodywork For The R6!

I am actually really excited about this!  Some of you may know that Mosberg gave me his old 2006 Anniversary Edition R6 (which really rocks btw).  I don't care if Chris says it is tired, it has more power left than I will ever use on the street.  Anyway, it had a few scuffs from... Continue Reading →

Foraging In Northern California: Part 1

  From left, clockwise: stinging nettle, mallow, and a little bowl of tiny fiddleheads PLEASE READ FIRST:  I started out with what I thought was going to be a quick post and then it just took off from there.  This was written after a 2-day excursion, an initial identification mission Christmas weekend and then a foraging... Continue Reading →

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