Hey, if I can get out of bed these days without something hurting, I'm good.


Works Connection Elite Perch Bearings Are Here!


My new Elite bearings for my Works Connection https://www.worksconnection.com/ perch arrived today! And let me tell you, if you guys ever have to call them, they have really awesome customer service.  And I have incredibly high standards on that since I have to do that myself on a daily basis so I am picky!   Plus he was really knowledgeable about where to ride during red sticker season.

We spoke briefly about Foresthill and he said it used to be pretty awesome but since the last winter (which if you guys do not live in CA, our last winter was crazy raining and snowy).  It basically has washed away a lot of dirt and left rock.  Kinda figured that out on Trail 4. ugh!  I thought it had always been that way.  I mentioned that I thought I was able to handle a lot of conditions and read the trail reviews about Foresthill and was expecting rocky conditions but not the friggin the Dolomites or the Badlands!

When we went to Mendocino for my birthday the terrain was a lot different than usual after this past winter.  The M5 road just past Cedar Camp (Lat – 39° 15′ 51.5592″, Long – 122° 41′ 55.086″) is gone.  Literally washed down the side of the mountain.  You can take Trail 03 just past Cedar Camp which is super rocky right now (not Foresthill Trail 4 rocky, haha)  https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/stelprdb5145207.pdf  Or press your luck and bank it and hope for the best.   Which is what Shawn did with both bikes, as I chose to walk quietly across the landslide area.  I wasn’t about to do that on the YZ my first time out haha!  Or the entire weekend, for that matter.   We have ridden this entire park from top to bottom, both sides (Penny Pines side: https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/mendocino/recreation/ohv/recarea/?recid=25164&actid=93 and Middle Creek https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/mendocino/recreation/ohv/recarea/?recid=25162&actid=93  (District 36 Cowbell Enduro was out of there) , and even Trail 69 in Pilsbury https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/mendocino/recreation/ohv/recarea/?recid=25176&actid=93 We have stayed at Beer Creek (do not recommend as sometimes there are weirdos that seem to stay there).  If you do cross Bear Creek near Bear Creek Campground in the early spring, you had better know how to cross deep water.  A lot of Dualsport guys like to take these roads, too.

Anyway, I digress! Now my clutch wrist won’t be hurting!! WOO!!!

So, those no name levers suck.


The ones I got from Amazon?  They are heavy, and bulky.  And they don’t fit my Works Connection perch, obviously.  Plus apparently my Works levers have 3 sealed bearings and although they are fried, if I get new bearings it will be easy to pull again. The clutch becomes unbearable after a day, it stresses my wrist.  I have a ganglion cyst on the underpart of my left wrist , no kidding, don’t get old — ever.  It gets worse if I ride for several days straight and the clutch is hard to pull.  I have to smack it on a table and then it goes down.  Weird, right?


I don’t know what I was thinking trying to replace the Works ones with some cruddy no name bran all in the name of rotating more under impact.   They are pretty awesome, so I guess we are going back to the bearing store and hope hope hope they have some.


Going back to these!



Ack! The Blue Shark Has Landed For The Last Time


Seems someone messed up last month (May 24, 2017) at Perris Valley Airport. When the pilot was landing the ’76 Twin Otter, the wing hit a fuel tanker, ripped ofF the wing, spun it around and then it crash landed a bit further down the runway.  I learned to skydive on this plane!  It is totaled.  So sad, but at least no one was hurt!



Why in the Sam Hell did I not change to a 250 a long time ago!!??  Who knew a 250 MX bike and a wider sticky front would allow me beast out like I did this weekend?  Shawn finally knows what it is like to be roosted when we go out on the trails.  I have always been in the back. NO more!! (Granted, his rear tire was practically bald, but hey, I will take what I can get.)

I am SO happy I got the MX bike and not a WR or TTR.  And I do not need a quick turn throttle.  This thing is quick enough, you just have to grab it and turn it.  I finally had that deeper sounding Braaaaaaaawwwp  coming out of every corner.   I am so thrilled.

UPDATE: So I looked at the video and it seems like I am not going that fast.  So in my head I was Tomac.  But on video I am like Johnny Rock Page on a Pee Wee 50.  When I download the full video on the other laptop, maybe it won’t lag so much (it seems like it is skipping).  Yeah, that’s what I am hoping for.   I am still thrilled though : )

A Funny For Friday

Tyler Shepard “The Wheelie King” sent us these photos, ELVIS! YES!




Parts, parts, parts.

Warning:  I am rambling a stream of consciousness in this entry…


It’s like opening Pandora’s box.   Shawn had to clean up the steering head bearings and race, polish out the indents, and repack because they were rusty, but not shot.  Not the best pic as you can’t really see (or feel) what it was before. But it is pretty smooth now.  He used a combo of synth oil, bearing grease and anti-seize in the end.


The front wheel bearings are shot, hub is fine.  So at lunch we are going to pick those up today from the bearing store.

I need ONE spoke, damn it.  ONE.  They don’t sell them in singles.  This isn’t like a low-end corner liquor store that will sell you a single cigarette.  But whatever, it will be fine for the weekend.


Pic of zee new choos.  

Last night he pinched a tube, Aiiiggh so we have to go get a new one today.  We have to get the correct size anyway so this worked out for the best.  The original owner had a 120 tube stuffed in a 110 tire and we are switching to a 100 tire, so it was bound to happen.  BTW these wheels are enormous compared to my lil Champion Machine (not pictured for scale).    When we picked them up from Faultline I thought, WOOOOO!! I CAN RUN OVER EVERYTHING NOW!!!

The hotstart was not closing all the way because the  perch wasn’t compatible.  How that is possible is beyond me but it was hanging up.  It was fixed with a little grinding.  Not sure if it was really making a difference and how much play there is when it is not closed all the way.  But it closes now, so A+.

I wanted to replace the levers but the AGV pivot levers are above my paygrade, I can’t seem to get the Zetasnonamepinotlevers for this bike without serious hassle and shipping, and the no-name pivots were cheaper, so I went with that option.  They don’t come in until Monday though : (   If they break, I will just switch to Zetas because they have lasted through countless crashes on the CRF in 4 years and they are still perfectly fine.

Oh, and I need front brake pads, they are both pretty much slivers, so there’s more money up in smoke.  I am getting some semi-metallic Galfer pads from CG at lunch along with the new tube (they were out of full metallic).  Which is fine; don’t jam on the front anyway in late season because there is pretty much no grip on the ground.  Really, I could go with organics if I had to and be perfectly fine. It’s not like I am some Pro or doing stoppies.  Those pads will last me eons.

I also need to find a new titanium sleeve for my pipe.  There’s a hole in mine.

There are a few other things which need to be replaced but they are not necessary for trip.

Oh and Shawn has to change his clutch in his 450R tonight before we leave in the morning.  And pack the camping gear.  And go buy wood,  And manage to get some sleep.


OH, And New Parts For The CBR!


I received a new pillion seat (yes, I said that!), new bolt kit, a new set of headlights (yes, headlights!) and I have the brand new satin black bodywork.  I have new mirrors and a light kit coming for it, too.


What blasphemy is this you ask?  Am I giving it up and the C Horse is going back to street?  I am still on the fence about actually going for it.  Shawn and Ali are trying to talk me into a track day at T Hill.  Hmmm.. *think think think think*