Lightning Strike Unveiled!

SO excited! The Lightning Strike is finally here! Check out this great article and the video (of Shawn) riding the Lightning Strike electric motorcycle. I went out on Sunday to meet with them during the filming and cannot convey how fortunate Shawn is to be a part of this significant slice of motorcycle history! The... Continue Reading →


Craft Beer, Foraging, Freak Snow Snowstorm & Shawn Broke His Neck.

Granted, all of this wasn't in the same day! First off, Shawn only broke one vertebra, specifically the spinous process on his C4. He is not in a halo or anything, thank goodness! But he does have to take it easy and as some of you may know he is the worst patient. NO riding... Continue Reading →

Moving On Up!

Shorai is moving to Arizona this week and Shawn and I are NOT going with them.  It is true that we have been practically married to Shorai for a long time now.  I was in shock when we were told they were moving out of California, almost panicky.  I hadn’t updated my resume in eons;... Continue Reading →

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