She Has Been Resurrected.

The Six Year Honda RC51 SP2 Project has come to fruition. She is complete. Hallelujah!!!!!!! It had a dented tank on both sides, both forks were destroyed, tail section and subframe bent, ALL bodywork damaged, windscreen broken off, turn signals broken, levers, clip-ons bent, mirrors, fluid reservoirs were all broken off, fairing stay bent beyond... Continue Reading →

De Rose’s 14th Annual Taste of Spain. Yeah, No.

$40 bucks a person for literally a sip of wine for each time you stood in line, empty chafing dishes, bread baskets and charcuterie slabs and what I feel is a rude staff. Will literally never go here again. Ever. We arrived at 1:18 PM, so not too early and not too late.  We first... Continue Reading →

I’m En Pointe!

Oh. My. God. I'm in love! I have wanted to dance en pointe for so long and now, finally, I am!  😍 Granted, I'm not even remotely good at it but at least I'm one glissade closer! Unfortunately, ABT does not really offer an official adult pre-pointe or adult pointe curriculum so I was thrilled... Continue Reading →

My First Nutcracker Performance

As some of you may know, I started taking ballet for the first time in my life back in February 2019 (pics below).  Let me tell you, I FREAKING LOVE BALLET.  I am practically obsessed with dancing.  Hours of saving pins on Pinterest and watching videos on YouTube.  I take 4 1/2 hours per week... Continue Reading →

Lightning Strike Unveiled!

SO excited! The Lightning Strike is finally here! Check out this great article and the video (of Shawn) riding the Lightning Strike electric motorcycle. I went out on Sunday to meet with them during the filming and cannot convey how fortunate Shawn is to be a part of this significant slice of motorcycle history! The... Continue Reading →

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