Surfing With Maia — And I STILL Suck!

Maia suggested that on her day off we go surfing. Of course I’m always game for hanging out with my partner in crime so off I went.  I went over to her apartment and met her roommate, Delilah, who rides a GSXR. Awesome! So we chatted about bikes while Maia was packing up her truck.  Of course I had them stop to take a quick photo.

We stop at 7-Eleven and , of course, grab two Lo Carb Monsters, and a water, and head to Tourmaline. Tourmaline is CROWDED. Good! this is where the waves are! 

I didn’t feel like dragging my board down to San Diego so Maia rented me a 7 ft soft-top.  She rides a 6 footer, but then again she weighs like a buck-0-five, if that. All I can say is Soft-tops are tippy.  I traded with her once and triedriding a few waves on her 6 footer and that was even more hilarious.  I think I spent my day dragging my knee off the right side more than anything. Wrong sport. Or maybe I weigh more on that side:  😉

The waves were better than San Clemente but I honestly only made it up to my knees. Maia got up a few times and at one point we got up together and I was on her board and I was RIGHT behind her–like 1 1/2 feet from her head. I screamed, “watch out! I’m right behind you!” (knowing full well that she has right of way).  She said she could only think about my impaling her with her own board. lol. I got up a few times on my knees but never made it up on my feet.  Maia made it up onto her feet a few times, but I am clearly out of practice!  I need my own board too, you can surf the bathtub with my longboard. Then the weather then turned south, threatening to rain any minute so we got out of there.

After a quick shower we went to Joe’s Crabshack for a Mai Tai and some crawfish and crabs. I need to do this more often. It was  great day, a great workout, my shoulders are shot!   Maia’s face is looking a lot better from wadding the other day, still bruised, still has a knot left, but she is lucky she still has her teeth, ergo she still has a pretty mouth. 😉


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  1. Don’t ever go to your knees! Go strait to your feet! The knees are the worst position possible, too tippy and no where to go. Pop up onto your feet and stand up fast to get your balence…

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