Love is…

Love is when your significant other agrees to rub lotion into your leathers while they are on you just so you can breathe.  It was not as enjoyable to either party as it may sound.


I realized I hadn’t worn my leathers since I think October?? My insurance and registration papers I found in the inside pocket expired in October so I had to print out the new ones. Yeah. so sitting in the garage drying out and stiffening up plus winter lbs.  Does anyone have a shoehorn and some bearing grease??

By the end of the ride it was fine but getting in them at first?  I couldn’t even raise my arms to put on my helmet.  I felt like I was in my streetluge leathers.

It was pretty chilly, the roads were incredibly green, there were downed trees, areas which were still flooded, roads still closed, debris from mudslides.  It wasn’t all that great. Plus it is raining again.

Part of me wants summer to hurry up and get here while the other part still wants it to be boot weather!


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    1. Those were the days, eh? So strange to think how long ago that was. I only really stay in contact with Cin. I hear of a few others occasionally. How have you been?

      1. I’m doing well. You don’t know me; I never commented on ytf, but I was a big fan of it and so was my sister. She’s gone now, but I have nice memories of talking with her about stuff on ytf. She had big plans for plastic surgery just as soon as she got over cancer, which never happened, but ytf gave her hope and something to look forward to, and take her mind off of death. It was a great site. RealSelf doesn’t have any of the heart or soul that you put into ytf; it doesn’t even compare.

        I don’t know what made me think of this all today, but something did, and I did some googling to see if I could find it again, and it led me to this blog, and I recognized you from the pictures. It looks like you are doing well. STAY SAFE ON THAT MOTORCYCLE! You are a beautiful person inside and out.

      2. Oh Anne, that is such a sad and heartwarming story at the same time. I am truly sorry for your loss. I do hope she was able to find a little escape through her battle. There were so many great ladies from all walks of life at YTF. You brought back memories today and I just realized I first made YTF in ’98. So long ago. So many ups and downs since then for all of us. Again, I’m genuinely sorry for the loss of your sister. I do thank you for your message and your kindness. That group was so welcoming and warm. I miss it, too. Miss those days when all seemed more positive. 🙂

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