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Archive for April 13, 2017

Thanking My Customers : )

Through the years I have been fortunate to sometimes receive the occasional treat from my customers.  Today I received some Sina Ginger Candies from a customer which are soooo tasty!   Obviously it isn’t something that I expect but It is hugely appreciated, YUGELY!!

Through the years I have gotten M&Ms, Kona coffee (twice!), chocolate covered hazelnuts,  Maple syrup, champagne from the podium, Starbuck’s gift cards, (but I am boycotting them right now), Chili’s  gift cards, tee shirts, little die cast motorcycles, Christmas cards, keychains, all kinds of little things!  I love it : ) Recently we even received a King Cake all the way from from Haydel’s bakery in New Orleans care of the Big Easy Racing duo, Jimmy and Eeman!   And of course my longtime customer-now-good-friend, Mosberg, gave me the R6.  : )

The candies just reminded me how awesome people can be.  NO matter how big or how small, when I am working away over here, the idea that someone thought of me enough to go out of their way really makes my day!  So thank you all!