Why in the Sam Hell did I not change to a 250 a long time ago!!??  Who knew a 250 MX bike and a wider sticky front would allow me beast out like I did this weekend?  Shawn finally knows what it is like to be roosted when we go out on the trails.  I have always been in the back. NO more!! (Granted, his rear tire was practically bald, but hey, I will take what I can get.)

I am SO happy I got the MX bike and not a WR or TTR.  And I do not need a quick turn throttle.  This thing is quick enough, you just have to grab it and turn it.  I finally had that deeper sounding Braaaaaaaawwwp  coming out of every corner.   I am so thrilled.

UPDATE: So I looked at the video and it seems like I am not going that fast.  So in my head I was Tomac.  But on video I am like Johnny Rock Page on a Pee Wee 50.  When I download the full video on the other laptop, maybe it won’t lag so much (it seems like it is skipping).  Yeah, that’s what I am hoping for.   I am still thrilled though : )


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