Works Connection Elite Perch Bearings Are Here!


My new Elite bearings for my Works Connection perch arrived today! And let me tell you, if you guys ever have to call them, they have really awesome customer service.  And I have incredibly high standards on that since I have to do that myself on a daily basis so I am picky!   Plus he was really knowledgeable about where to ride during red sticker season.

We spoke briefly about Foresthill and he said it used to be pretty awesome but since the last winter (which if you guys do not live in CA, our last winter was crazy raining and snowy).  It basically has washed away a lot of dirt and left rock.  Kinda figured that out on Trail 4. ugh!  I thought it had always been that way.  I mentioned that I thought I was able to handle a lot of conditions and read the trail reviews about Foresthill and was expecting rocky conditions but not the friggin the Dolomites or the Badlands!  The other trails are not bad and it isn’t the big rocks that are a pain in the butt to maneuver around and tip over and scratch up your plastic while trying.  It’s those damnable half cemented-in small rocks that don’t move.  Rough going.

Anyway, I digress… Now my clutch wrist won’t be hurting. WOO!!!

Update:  Like butter!  Okay, okay, so Works Connection clutch is worth the money.   I would have never gone out and purchased it myself had it not already been on the YZ when I bought it.  Now I know.


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