2017 Hollister Hills/ Faultline Powersports RED STICKER RIDE! October 7th – Be There!


WHAT: 2017 Hollister Hills, Faultline Powersports  Red Sticker Welcome Back Ride

WHEN: October 7th, Saturday, 9AM

WHERE: Hollister Hills OHV – Lower Ranch.  Epicenter: Faultline Powersports Store

TRAILMAP: http://ohv.parks.ca.gov/pages/1170/files/HollisterHillsMap_LowerRanch_Final-1.pdf

WHY: Because red-stickered OHV riders have not been able to ride since May!!

Outside of California, many of you have no idea wheat I am talking about but those of you who do, feel my pain.  CA has a law that states you cannot legally ride certain OHV vehicles in the summer at certain OHV Parks.   Due to emissions standards, those who have the dreaded red sticker bikes are stuck on the sidelines unless they go to certain BLM or National Forests, and/or private tracks or events that are exempt.  Here is a list of who can ride what, where and when: Red Sticker OHV Schedule.

If you are like me, you have been sitting around since May 31, counting the days until October when you can ride your dirtbike again.  Earlier bikes are lucky to be grandfathered in, such as Shawn’s 2002 CRF450R.  He can ride whenever he wishes, thus leaving me at home.  I can ride the Zero MX but I do not like riding it unless I have to (when the kids come in town) so I sit around waiting, and waiting, and waiting….


Even though I know it is still dry and dusty in early October, I look forward to this event every year.  I consider it a dry run, no pun intended.  Okay, kinda intended.  This year I definitely need it; I didn’t get my YZ250F until the last week of May so I have not had much seat time on it.  I will feel nervous and awkward all over again  The last time I rode it at Hollister it was super sketch for me on the High Rd.  I absolutely kept losing the front end because I was not really on the throttle as much as I should have been.  I am afraid of doing certain trails with it, too.  Like Troll.   From the looks of people’s videos on Thumper Talk, it is way too overgrown right now (waah, poor me) and I do not think going on a bigger bike that is very new to me is a good idea.  It isn’t an easy trail!  My CRF is such a better bike for tighter trails in my opinion.  I don’t even think I’ve gone on Windmill Maze or OK Corral with my YZ yet.  Even thinking of going on Pete’s on my YZ kinds freaks me out, I will admit it.  Hopefully Sage will have had a little grooming action, though!

Anyway! Red sticker season opens the 1st but Hollister/Faultline always holds their Red Sticker Welcome Back Ride event on the first Saturday of October.   There will be vendors, raffles, giveaways, freebies, lots of bikes and usually they groom the trails quite a bit before the event, too.   Check it out!!!

Updated: UGH TYPOS!!



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