“Make LEGP Great Again!” 49th Elsinore GP – Nov 11-12

LEGPSo we are reeeeally considering racing the 49th  Elsinore GP this upcoming weekend.  Shawn wants to race the Harvey Mushman (180 +1), and I am probably racing MC Women 250 Novice (Race 11; 9:00 AM) (45 minutes).   As long as I don’t fall over with no tree around to lean against, I am okay…but that’s a 50/50 chance. I hate the motoX section.   It is crazy to think it has been 5 years since I raced the GP.  That’s forever ago.  Also, Tabi may race Beginners on my CRF if I don’t.

They have changed the route a few times (for the bad) but this year it appears similar to the one I did back in 2012 which is a lot more fun.  It has not been easy to put it on for the last few years, financially, or with cooperation, but this year, as their flyer says, they are hoping to “Make LEGP Great Again!” as we are back to the streets (which is such a great, historic part of it)!


But which bike??  I know it is a no-brainer and my gut says 250!!! Shawn insists the 250.  And he’s right, riding my 150 feels like a mini bike now and it did not like the rocky areas on the GP course last time.  It is terrible.  I rode it on the TT track last week and my knees were in my elbows, how the hell did I ride that thing before?  Besides, he just bought me some new wheel bearings for my YZ and put them in so it is ready to go.


But it is a dead start race and I need a chock or a curb to stand on to kick the 250 over–if it kicks over.  I had a pain-in-the-ass time trying to kick that YZ this weekend.  Not at first, oh no, it started on the second try so it had my confidence up *I can do this!*  But throughout the day once it warmed up (or I got tired, either way) leaning up against a tree and kicking the crap out of it was brutal.  Bumpstarting was fine, but that will not be an option on most of the problematic areas, much less on the start of the GP.   I have seen many a person get a quick push off the start after they had been kicking forever.  Maybe that is what I will have to resort to.  I am just going to request the left side curb and probably be DFL coming off the start.  Hey at least the dust will have settled by the time I get going, right?  😉

But I need tires as well; at least a rear!  Look at it.  That’s a sad tire.  I am super broke until the 15th so I am not sure I can pull that off. Look at that tire.  I am missing one center knob and the rest are horrible.


Shawn changed his valves to steel and a new piston so we are good to go.  No sooner than I had gotten back from my hairstylist on Saturday was I summoned to the garage to assist.  I inserted the cotters with the help of a small screw driver and the end of a socket wrench which was a PIA; all he had was the ring end of a crescent wrench balanced on a brick to push down the spring.  I swear to God if it is the last thing I am going to do on this earth I am going to get him a valve spring compressor for Christmas as I am tired of doing that.  Hopefully with the steels I won’t have to anymore anyway.

I am actually super nervous.  I just got a rush thinking about it.  I hate that feeling.  Aiiighh!!  I honestly do not think that I will have any issue, it really isn’t a very difficult course.  It is NOT like the Cowbell or anything where you can get yourself in rocky canyons or water crossings–or lost.  But I am nervous!!

Save the date!! http://dirtseriesracing.com/lake-elsinore-gp.html

Official Website: http://elsinoregrandprix.com/

UPDATE: I am racing the YZ!  Eeek!!


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      1. Mr Rice said no racing for him anymore, but would be happy to ride the trails with us next time Shawn’s kids are in town. It was a true honor for me to have met him.

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