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Likes:  Motorcycles.  Wine. But not together.   Foodie. Foraging, playing my violin, even though I am not that great at it.   Biology, Microbiology, Materials Science and Astronomy.

Dislikes: Anyone who disrespects our flag, kneels for the National Anthem or disrespects our enlisted military while they sit safely in their local Starbucks sipping their half-caff, double-whatever with soy.   Oh and I dislike olives.  Olives are nasty.

Why the nickname, MsXXFast?  It was simply a nickname given to me a thousand years ago.  Literally AOL days.  I do not think I am fast.

I am happily engaged; I have three cats and six motorcycles.  I live in sunny-but-not-too-hot Northern California, I have a sarcastic and dry sense of humor.  I am strongly opinionated and joke a lot.  I speak Typo fluently.  I am Team Rossi all the way.  I put this blog back online for my family and friends since we never get to touch base as often as we’d all like (I don’t have FB or anything), and for the record for when we cannot remember anything from hitting our heads so many times.


  • 2009 WR250X
  • 2009 YZ250F
  • 2006 Yamaha YZF-R6
  • 2006 Honda CBR600RR
  • 2007 CRF150R
  • 2002 Honda RC51 SP2 (RVT1000R)

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/msxxfast


  • 1994: Fractured T7, right torn subscapularis/rotator cuff, roadrash (road motorcycle accident)
  • 1997: Fractured C5, fractured ribs, sternum, both clavacles, plus slight road rash, and ground down right patella (road motorcycle accident)
  • 2008: Fractured C3 – either skydiving or base jumping.  I did both back to back days and had hard openings on said days,  When I went to the doctor that Monday with neckpain, he said I had a minor fracture and soft tissue injury.
  • 2008: Fractured coccyx (minor).  (BASE)
  • 2009: Thumb, distal phalange.  (skydiving)
  • 2009 Concussion, highsided a snowmobile.  That hurt.
  • 2010: Left Tibia linear fissure (horseback riding)
  • 2010: Radius fracture (stupidity)
  • 2012: Torn left MCL. (dirtbike riding)
  • 2013: Fractured C1 (unkown)
  • 2016: Fractured Tib-Fib, Weber-A, Stage 2 fracture of the left fibula and a vertical malleolar fracture of the tibia (racing a Hare Scramble at Hungry Valley)
  • Various injuries that resulted in two major hematomas (with one actually bursting), and not one, but TWO ruptured olecranon bursa (the little fluid filled sac on the end of your elbow) injuries.


p.s. Have something to say?  Let me know!


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    1. It is so weird that you are no longer here. I still have those stupid menorah candles you brought over and the starguide you got me for Christmas. Blueskies, JB. XX

  1. u r awesome. There really arent a whole lotta other words for it. anyway, i found you while looking for a pic of a wingsuit to post to a friend on FaceBook for a little story line we have going and i was THRILLED to see a woman in one and not just guys, id LOVE to DO half… maybe even 1/3rd of what you are doing.. who kows, ive played it pretty safe i guess, but someday.. i will fly! much love to ya gal keep it up! AMari

  2. you are redick with it… keep doing all that you do. your site entertained me. 😀 hope to see you out at the track. you can give me a run for my money it seems. ) BUTTON WILLOW here i come!

  3. Awesome!!
    read your hobbies & interests just like I see triple X movies (first chapter: Vin Diesel) in the real life. i wish someday i have a chance like you, pump up the adrenaline in a fast lane…

    nice to know you and big hello from Indonesia 😀

    if you don’t mind, would you add my yahoo mail on your contact list

    1. Hi Xanteria! Thank you for stopping by ans for your comments 🙂 I will take that as a compliment 🙂 I would love to ride a car off a bridge lol

    1. I live here!! Though moving to the UK soon.

      Really looking forward to UK; tracks, riding schools, cheaper bikes and the isle of man + northwest200 road races will be closer etc, etc…

      1. Yeah, I posted before I read that. lol Well that’s pretty awesome. Have fun in the UK. I think it is far too expensive. At least it is for Americans lol.

  4. I was born in Canada but my parents are from Malta (just south of Italy) , so I spent half my childhood there, now been 4 yrs in Cyprus then UK. After that in the future I hope to move possibly to Vancouver but we’ll see what life throws at us!

    Yep it’s expensive, but what to do? not ride? I actually often buy parts and gear from the U.S. Service is almost always great and prices are unbeatable! You guys are so lucky! Gas is half price too if I am not mistaken.

    So are we going to see you at the Isle of Man road races any time soon?? 🙂 If you are looking for inspiration a woman (Jenny Tinmouth) nearly got a place on the podium in the Zero emissions race last year. An American won it actually; Mark Miller. There are a few good American bikes competing. She’s not alone either, Maria Costello has doing quite amazing work too! 🙂

  5. Hello, you wonderful Biker Babe! I ride, too. Though, my machine is a purple Harley-Davidson Softail Custom. : ) Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and say “hi!” and introduce myself. I’m Liz Casey. I recently created a blog for my female motorcycle touring company, Biker Babe Tours, that I am launching soon. I found you while researching “women who ride motorcycles” on WordPress. Love your blog! You sure know how to have fun, lady!. Stop by my blog sometime and say hi! Or, hit my Web site if you get a second. I am at http://www.BikerBabeTours.com. Vrrrroooooom!

  6. Hey! I just noticed your blog as I searched the web for information about wingsuit-flying as I am about to take my first step against it: My skydive licence. I am 18 years old, and when i saw your blog I realized that you’re pretty much living my dream. I just have to know how you did it? How could you afford to exercise all of those sports and how did you find the time? Do you work at all? 🙂

    Its really a lack of people like you these days.. And its hard to find people who join messing around outside doing things. Fortunately I just convinced one friend to join taking the skydive lincence with me 🙂 . However, tell me how you managed not to get caught by the boring stream of regular lifestyle! 🙂

    >Torbjørn Dahl (18), Norway

  7. Please tell me where you found a pink and black bike. I’ve been looking for waaaaay too long and I am crushin on yours!

    1. Some guy on CL. I paid too much for it. Just get your frame powder coated. It is so cheap to do now : )

  8. You are truly one of the very few active female dare devils on Earth, seen your videos on YoutTube and have to say, you are nothing short of the many “PEOPLE ARE AWESOME” videos I have seen on the internet. “May the force -ALWAYS- be with you”!! 😉

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