Sightseeing: Riding a Roaring Camp Steam Train Through The Redwoods

Where: Roaring Camp Railroads, Inc. 5401 Graham Hill Road Felton, California 95018 (831) 335-4484 Website: Cost: $29 for adults, $23 for kids 12 and under and up to 2 kids are free if they are under 2 and sit on your lap.  PLUS $10 to park.  “Travel over trestles, through towering redwood groves and up... Continue Reading →


Quick Ride On Sunday; My R6 Has An Oil Leak (Fixed)

The weather was phenomenal on the West Coast this past weekend.  I had been whining for two whole days (actually all week) about going riding and finally had to drag Shawn out of the house on Sudsy afternoon.  He has been obsessed with working on a new battery pack for the kid's electric dirtbike.  Instead... Continue Reading →

WSBK & MotoAmerica at Laguna Seca

We took a quick ride to Laguna Seca on Saturday to get pics of the pits and check if any of the sponsored teams needed anything.  We had very little time as Shawn’s family was coming in early afternoon and we wanted to be there when they arrived at our house.  We were not staying... Continue Reading →

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