Anyone Want To Let Me Borrow Their Bike?

I can't promise it won't come back without scratches, dents, crushed wheels, or even an intact chassis.  Or anything for that matter. lol


BASE Packing. Again.

At least it is getting easier each time I do it. Messy, but easier. The neatness will come. I shouldn't have taken off the last 6 months, but I had to ūüė¶¬† Since October I have not been allowed to jump due to that drunk driving idiot who hit us.¬† I was told I could... Continue Reading →

Packing My BASE Rig

So I decided to spend my Sunday packing and repacking my BASE rig (I have no life, it's true). I went out to feed the horses and I came back upstairs and my two cats are lying on my canopy. Before you freak,¬†my cats¬†don't pee on ZP (I am fortunate to have cats that aren't... Continue Reading →

Streetluging Again Sunday

Yesterday I was filthy from my horses, today I was in a suit and heels all day (lol),¬†tomorrow¬†I'm mounting and balancing¬†tires and getting greasy, Sunday I'll be wearing leathers bombing the hills of SoCal via streetluge. And I'm packing my BASE rig on Monday. Diversity is the key to happiness ūüėČ

New Videos Posted! Bad BASE Exits…

¬†Video: Headlow Scorpion Off High Nose I posted¬†a few¬†videos of¬†¬†some¬†not-so-great BASE exits while making earth jumps. Be sure to check out the "cool" ¬†vids, too! ūüôā Sometimes it pays to post your I-am-scared-out-of-my-effin-gourd videos as well. Reminds you to stay focused. You usually don't see the scared vids from people.¬†They don't usually want you to... Continue Reading →

The BASE Bug

Had the feeling for the flavor of a Pringle last minute.¬† So I took my GoPro with¬†me but mistakenly had it on the wrong¬†setting (it was a bit dark)¬†and it took 784 (almost) useless photos of the occasion, most being in my stashbag. Good job.¬† So here is what it looks like in dark, blurry,... Continue Reading →

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