Revisiting Charging Batteries: The Importance of a ‘Pigtail’

I decided to check the batteries on three of my bikes this past weekend and because it had been so cold, thank you mischievous Lithium Gods, they were pretty low.  I was both surprised and not so surprised, I guess. The WR250X was at 13.2V, the RC51 was 13.1V and the R6 was 13.1V and... Continue Reading →


Shorai 6V Batteries in Parallel

If you ever need to run parallel Shorais for more capacity (these are two Shorai 6V for a '48 Panhead).  I had to help a customer out today to help him achieve more capacity to lengthen his time in between charges.  I thought I'd share. This is the best way to do it.  I truly... Continue Reading →

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