Annual Birthday Dirtbike Camping Trip In Mendocino!

Three days of riding in Stonyford OHV - Mendocino National Forest!!! (May 19, 20, 21) Map: We camped at Cedar Camp again and rode all over the place.  But this time we did not head over to Penny Pines via 17N16 to Tr 37 / Trl 1/ Tr 13.  It is always such a long... Continue Reading →


Foraging Part 4: Dandelion, Cat’s Ear, Milk Thistle, Wild Allium (Garlic)

Sadly I cannot get out my small trail back gate due to the sea of very tall hemlock that has grown in.  The plants are at least ten feet high and densely spaced.   I did manage to hop the large cattle gate and take off down the road on the opposite side of the creek... Continue Reading →

My Clear Creek Rant

The Bureau of Land Grabbers, I mean Management (BLM) has 75,000-ish acres they call the Clear Creek Management Area.  About 9,773.00 (ACEC ID #ACEC003038) acres of this is closed to public access without a permit because they have deemed it a hazard due to being a Serpentine Dome, also called serpentine barrens.  Granted not all of it... Continue Reading →

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