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70th Annual Cowbell Enduro – Upper Lake, CA – Nov 5th, 2016


Long story short.  A customer called and told me about the enduro and well, now we are trying to make it happen.  Okay, Shawn is at 95% certain, but I am doing the usual weighing it back and forth (shoud I race, should I not race, is my leg solid enough, I need a tire, how is the grip, should I do it, hey I still have my AMA license and that’s a bonus.)  It is at our usual haunt and it is An enduro rather than the all balls out Scramble which means less pressure, which means less chance of injury (although the last enduro I raced I crashed no less than 5 times).  Upper Lake near Penny Pines is a lot less hardcore than Pilsbury or Stonyford areas, at least deep in. We have spent 30 minutes trying to get out of one deep ravine before.  But the last time we did a post-race run through Upper Lake (the arrows were still up, it was doable for me, even in the mud).

Sooooooooo should I?  could I?  would I?  I have 2 days to think about it. haha

Flyer: http://teamflyingw.com/=W=/D36/2016/Enduro/events/11%2005%20Rnd-5%20Cowbell%20Enduro/flyer.pdf

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Extreme Beauty Tips for Camping in Below-Freezing Temperatures

We were essentially bored with the same Halloween song and dance of prior years and decided to do something “different.” Camping turned out to be different. So we packed up our pumpkins to carve, our ingredients for caramel apple cider and caramel apples, our gear, food rations, champagne, and of course a pirate flag, and set out to do some Fall camping at Yosemite.

Who knew it would get cold enough at night for our condensation to freeze right on our two person tent. We saw deer, squirrels tried to steal our food, I saw a bear [which I am deathly afraid of], but the park was near empty. We had the place practically to ourselves!

The fall foliage was breathtaking. I honestly had the best Halloween I had ever had. It was fun, and we didn’t have to worry about costumes, drunk drivers, crowds, weeks of fattening candy because you wouldn’t answer the door to the hoards of annoying trick or treaters (I am kidding!), late night post-drunken dinners at Denny’s, awww you know the drill.

-Stay Hydrated: We brought plenty of Cytomax and water. What more do you need?
Sunscreen: Even though it is Fall, you will need a good SPF sunscreen.
-Clothing: Proper clothing is eseential when you don’t know what temperature it is going to be from one minute to the next,. Fall can be pretty unpredictable. We brought layers, and underlayers, plous gloves, hates, and coats. The temperatures were freezing at night, the temperatures during the day were quite mild.Baby wipes: These are great for wiping off the grime and freshening up your neck, armpits, back, stomach, and various crackz—whatever! You don’t really get to shower when you camp and you start stinkin’ fast. Remember that they dry out easily once they are opened even if you seal them back properly. Seal them further in a small Ziploc baggie. Lip Balm: Dry, chapped lips aren’t fun.]
-Anti-bacterial Gel Hand Sanitizer: You’ll thank me later. There is usually nowhere to wash your hands after doing your business in teh wodds or in the campo toilets. Yuck.
-Toilet Paper: Seriously.
-Mirror: I usually bring a mirror, a toothbrush, toothpaste, light, spill-proof cosmetics, etc. in a travel bag and place it in my gear bag. Also bring Band-Aids. moleskin, Neosporin, and tweezers because splinters, scrapes, cuts, and blisters happen when you camp and hike.
-Make-up: Like I said, I do bring light cosmetics. I use mineral powders and concealer, plus lip balm.
-Hair: The altitude, and cool mountain air can dry out your hair. I usually wash it before I go and stick it in a ponytail or scrunchie and call it a week. PHYTO PLAGE Protective Sun Veil to protect your hair from the damaging effects of UV Light and the dryness of the air if you need a little something extra.
N-ails: I like having shorter nails for camping. Getting a nail ripped off in the middle of nowhere is NOT fun. Bedides, have you ever had melted, blackened marshmallows attach to your acrylic nails, you’re pretty much screwed afterwards.

At The End Of The Week
You are going to need to be boiled. Talk about downright, more-than-Extreme-Golf-sinister-nasty. Eeeew. You will begin repelling bears and the squirrels won’t care what food you’re giving away by the end of the week. When you I suggest a shower because your tubwater will be gray and you don’t want to sit in that. Don’t forget to deep-condition your hair and also apply a good moisturizer, like Aveeno Moisturizing Lotion, on your skin .

Don’t forget to have fun! Hope you had a great Halloween!

*Photos by Barry Holubeck

Next Time: Wintersports Are Coming!!