The Craziest Day

Ever had one of those days where everything seems to be working against you?  Almost felt like whatever could go wrong, did go wrong.  But you still somehow managed to have fun?  Sunday was one of those days.  I mean it wasn't like waking up in a Tijuana jail type of crazy or anything, but... Continue Reading →


Love Is…

When your dearheart agrees to ride your 150R so you can go riding at Hollister. Backstory...Shawn's CRF450R chewed up the clutchbasket cushions. When I say chewed up, they are gone: I saw some remnants under the pressure plate and the rest was in the crank case  This was after the majority of it was cleaned... Continue Reading →

Yay! New Rubber!

Surprise! Shawn had a new tire for me for the last race I couldn't make (because of the leg) So I guess this means I'm racing  🙂  Let's hope the CRF can handle it because it's gonna be muddy ; )  As Brian (the customer who told me about the Cowbell) said, "It's not the arrow, it's... Continue Reading →

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