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Onboard Pics From the Cowbell Enduro…

The Start!



The 70th Annual Cowbell Enduro at Middle Creek Was Fantastic!


I swear to you, the folks with D36 and the riders are some genuinely friendly people.   I always felt that the Enduro and Hare and Hound crowds were much friendlier than MotoX, even friendlier than those in the Roadracing community.  But honestly, up north with D36, they are amazing.  Truly welcoming, helpful and just want you to have fun.  You can’t figure out the timekeeping?  NO problem, have fun (and stay out of the way of those who are trying to make it to the checkpoints on time).


Yay! New Rubber!


Surprise! Shawn had a new tire for me for the last race I couldn’t make (because of the leg) So I guess this means I’m racing  🙂  Let’s hope the CRF can handle it because it’s gonna be muddy ; )  As Brian (the customer who told me about the Cowbell) said, “It’s not the arrow, it’s the Indian.  But it is more like, can I handle hours of riding without stopping.  Before I got out of shape we could ride all day; not anymore.

The CRF needs to make it 50 miles for the race and it can go about 70mpt if I am not wide open the entire time (which I won’t be).

70th Annual Cowbell Enduro – Upper Lake, CA – Nov 5th, 2016


Long story short.  A customer called and told me about the enduro and well, now we are trying to make it happen.  Okay, Shawn is at 95% certain, but I am doing the usual weighing it back and forth (shoud I race, should I not race, is my leg solid enough, I need a tire, how is the grip, should I do it, hey I still have my AMA license and that’s a bonus.)  It is at our usual haunt and it is An enduro rather than the all balls out Scramble which means less pressure, which means less chance of injury (although the last enduro I raced I crashed no less than 5 times).  Upper Lake near Penny Pines is a lot less hardcore than Pilsbury or Stonyford areas, at least deep in. We have spent 30 minutes trying to get out of one deep ravine before.  But the last time we did a post-race run through Upper Lake (the arrows were still up, it was doable for me, even in the mud).

Sooooooooo should I?  could I?  would I?  I have 2 days to think about it. haha

Flyer: http://teamflyingw.com/=W=/D36/2016/Enduro/events/11%2005%20Rnd-5%20Cowbell%20Enduro/flyer.pdf

Faultline Powersports Hollister Hills OHV Red Sticker Welcome Back Party – Success!


It was pretty chilly afterall.  We were sitting under the oaks and searching for little spots of sunshine to warm ourselves in.  There were a lot of great prizes and lots of people braaapping around.  Shawn and I got to ride a little bit, taking turns, right before the raffle at 3 pm.   We gave away a Shorai LFX14L2 battery and charger set.


The Lucky Winner

Then we went riding after the raffle! Yay!  So, in my opinion, thatCRF motor is fast enough.  I just still wish the wheels were bigger.  I hit some monster rocks and ruts and the front end hated it.  So perhaps better suspension?????  It was pretty dry and dusty but the rains are coming soon!  The leg held up, so that is good news.

Here are some photos of the event.




[Officially never wearing white pants with a ton of padding under it again. ]

It was a lot of fun, show up next time!