My Clear Creek Rant

The Bureau of Land Grabbers, I mean Management (BLM) has 75,000-ish acres they call the Clear Creek Management Area.  About 9,773.00 (ACEC ID #ACEC003038) acres of this is closed to public access without a permit because they have deemed it a hazard due to being a Serpentine Dome, also called serpentine barrens.  Granted not all of it... Continue Reading →


Winter Wonderland Vacation In New York

Icicles have no net carbs! Say it with me, Va-ca-tion.  Paid time off!  What a weird concept!  I barely ever take any time off of work for broken bones, much less vacation time.   So we took the kids to see their grandparents up in SW NY.   What do I do on winter vacations to NY?  I... Continue Reading →

Love Is…

When your dearheart agrees to ride your 150R so you can go riding at Hollister. Backstory...Shawn's CRF450R chewed up the clutchbasket cushions. When I say chewed up, they are gone: I saw some remnants under the pressure plate and the rest was in the crank case  This was after the majority of it was cleaned... Continue Reading →

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