First Street Ride of the Season

We have been confined to single tracks at a handful of OHV parks for months; not that I’m complaining but I was craving some pavement (not that the above pic was on pavement).  The weekend forecast was calling for some pretty amazing weather, 84F on Saturday! so my goal was to hunt down some wildflowers.... Continue Reading →


My Clear Creek Rant

The Bureau of Land Grabbers, I mean Management (BLM) has 75,000-ish acres they call the Clear Creek Management Area.  About 9,773.00 (ACEC ID #ACEC003038) acres of this is closed to public access without a permit because they have deemed it a hazard due to being a Serpentine Dome, also called serpentine barrens.  Granted not all of it... Continue Reading →

Tired of This Rain.

February 2017 (was in my drafts) We have been under a constant downpour and flooding for weeks on end.  I know we need it desperately; a few good years of this may get us back on track.   But it gets old.  The chickens were standing in knee (technically the Avian ankle) deep water if they came out of... Continue Reading →

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