My Clear Creek Rant

The Bureau of Land Grabbers, I mean Management (BLM) has 75,000-ish acres they call the Clear Creek Management Area.  About 9,773.00 (ACEC ID #ACEC003038) acres of this is closed to public access without a permit because they have deemed it a hazard due to being a Serpentine Dome, also called serpentine barrens.  Granted not all of it... Continue Reading →


Dirtbike Riding at Knoxville Recreational Area

The rainy season is upon us!  After we had ridden under excellent conditions at Hollister on Saturday, we were itching to go to another park.  Mendocino was too far and is usually closed for 24 hours after appreciable rain (2 inches or more), Hungry Valley down south was a bit of a haul, too, and... Continue Reading →

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