Yay! New Rubber!

Surprise! Shawn had a new tire for me for the last race I couldn't make (because of the leg) So I guess this means I'm racing  🙂  Let's hope the CRF can handle it because it's gonna be muddy ; )  As Brian (the customer who told me about the Cowbell) said, "It's not the arrow, it's... Continue Reading →


Extreme Beauty Tips for BASE Jumping Enthusiasts

It is no secret that skydiving is one of my true passions. Well, I have found something far better for me than skydiving and that, my dear readers, is BASE Jumping. B.A.S.E. is an acroym for Building, Antenna, Span, and Earth. The sport requires its participants to use a very carefully packed B.A.S.E. Rig (with... Continue Reading →

Extreme Beauty Tips Snowsports Enthusiasts

Snowboarding & Skiboarding (or skiing)! The only reasons to like winter are the holidays and winter sports! However, extreme temperatures wreak absolute havoc on your skin, hair, nails, and body overall. Add to it the harsh winds and you have a recipe for a difficult beauty restoration project. Trust me! I would have to say... Continue Reading →

Extreme Beauty Tips for Hikers & Trekkers

Repost from November 2007Hiking & Trekking Hiking can be truly invigorating, whether you’re hiking a canyon near your house, or you’re up for the challenge of La Mousse in Switzerland (see right, yes, it’s that steep). The downfall is that you can achieve a whole different level of nastiness in the summer while hiking and... Continue Reading →

Extreme Beauty Tips for Surfers

Surfing Although surfing is strenuous, it is really relaxing. There is just something about waiting on your board for a good set to come in, spotting your wave and then the wake. Once you ride it in, it just feels so good to know you rode something that is never constant. It is always a... Continue Reading →

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