Girl’s (Dirtbiking) Weekend

Another weekend, another adventure!  Tabi came into town to get in a visit before she eventually goes off to Coast Guard basic.   I took off vacation time and decided to go all out since I will not see her for quite a while. Day One & Two: Street Luge Sadly, I will admit I did... Continue Reading →


Option B: Streetluge Race This Weekend

There will be a gravity race at Barrett Smith Rd, which runs parallel to Hwy 94 (Campo Rd).  Barrett is rough and windy and is 3 hours away from me.   It starts off at the stop sign near the 94 at the top and then drops off in a set of about 17 turns, ending... Continue Reading →

Does What You Own Define You?

After the cessation of the torrential rains in California, and entirely too much caffeine in one sitting, I decided to do some early Spring cleaning.  After going through my dresser drawers, gear bags, cabinets, and garage, I have discovered that while there are few absolutes in life, there will be consistencies in what we own. ... Continue Reading →

IGSA World Cup Streetluge Race This Weekend

The time is upon us once again.  This weekend at Bonelli Park in San Dimas, the IGSA World Cup will welcome gravity-fed competitoirs in downhill skating, classic luge, streetluge, gravity bikes and downhill inline skaters.   Although the turn out is not expected to be as high in streetluge this year, the event is a go.   The weather... Continue Reading →

Maia Doing Much Better

After two weeks in the hospital and a new back brace to support her why she heals, Maia is out!  She was flown to New Mexico on the 23rd for physical therapy for the next month and a half and has been walking about a 1/4 mile a day.  Pic before her first surgery, bones... Continue Reading →

Streetluging Tragedy :(

I was streetluging with Maia on Monday evening to practice for our upcoming streetluge race. She was testing her new sled adn bearings/wheel set up on the hill above my house. Well, it didn't go exactly as planned. She didn't brake for two turns, went wide and went right off the side of the road, and off... Continue Reading →

Skydiving At Perris

I did a couple of jumps with some friends over at Perris the other day. It was hot as hell so I decided to forgo my freefly suit. Not a good idea. My laces on my pants and shoes came undone and they beat the crap out of my legs (see pic). Also, Skin looks like... Continue Reading →

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