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Fastrack Riders

Fastrack Riders Trackday August 6 & 7 Almost Sold Out!


Fastrack Riders next event is just a week away at Auto Club Speedway on the 2.3 mile 21 turn AMA Track, Saturday, August 6th and Sunday, August 7th.  The weather forecast ranges from mid 80’s to low 90’s so riders can still beat the heat.

The great thing about Auto Club Speedway is ALL riders get garages (yes, please share with four to five bikes per garage bay) so riders are out of the sun and temperature while they are not riding.  HEY!  The garages are free!

On Saturday, August 6th there are a few spaces left in Level I & II and spaces available for Fastrack’s Rider Development
School (RDS) as well.

Sunday, August 7th Level II & III is completely sold out, Level I only having a couple spaces, and still room in the

It is only $249.00 per rider for the day with Fastrack’s Rider Development School only being $85.00.

Register at www.fastrackriders.com or call 877-560-2233!

AMB Timing Transponders are provided to all riders for FREE! Lap times can be seen on line about fifteen minutes after each hours rotation!  This is a good way to track your progress from session to session.  Lap times will also be posted under the Registration Office about fifteen minutes after each hour’s rotation.

Remember, there is NO Gate Fee for you or any of your friends attending an event at Auto Club Speedway!  NO overnight camping fees on Saturday night!

If any rider has a friend that has been thinking about doing a track day for who knows how long, let them know this weekend is a great time to sign up for Fastrack Riders RIDER DEVELOPMENT SCHOOL.  It is a great program designed to help the street rider make the transition from riding on the street to riding on the track and it is ONLY $85.00 with a 100% money back guarantee!

The usual vendors will be at this event:

  • CaliPhotography offering photos and on board video cameras
    for rent!
  • The Racers Edge offering Michelin Tire Service,
    miscellaneous parts, and Performance Riding sessions!
  • In House Suspension to get bikes suspension dialed in so
    riders can go faster on the track!

Register now to guarantee a spot because this event will sell out over the next couple of days!

New Racetrack Distance Gas Cost Calculator From FastrackRiders

So you think $249 for a trackday gives you sticker shock?  Well, have you factored in transporter fuel cost and gate entry fees?   Well, now you can 🙂

FastrackRiders now has a calculator on their website where you can enter:

  • Your Zipcode (where you will be traveling from)
  • Your Gas Mileage (MPG)
  • The Cost of Gas per gallon (Use GasBuddy.com if you want to find the cheapest gas in your area, or any area while on the road)
  • Your Desired Track’s Zip Code (for your convenience, the local and semi-local tracks zipcodes are provided for you for reference)
  • And the desired  track’s entry fee (if applicable)

Click “Calculate Savings”  and you will get a break down something like this…


The 1.7 Mile Infield Course at Autoclub Speedway With FastrackRiders – YES!!!

AKA My Day In Level 1 😉

FastrackRiders put on a trackday event June 7th and 8th on the infield course (1.7 miles) in Fontana.  Please note that the infield course map on Autoclub’s website is actually different than what Fastrack ran.  The configuration that we ran was actually tons more fun and more technical! I added a modified map to show you the course we rode. So while some of you naysayers (I won’t say who) who thought this was going to be a Mickey Mouse course, you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.  😉 This infield course was technical and challenging and was quite a work out.  Plus since the length afforded so many laps you could improve upon the entries, apexes and the drives out of some pretty tricky turns without having to spend significant time riding down very long straights, which really doesn’t require much skill IMHO.  Now don’t get me wrong, Autoclub is my home track and there is definitely a level of comfortability that you have when riding a configuration you know like the back of your hand.  But the infield was a nonstop, stay-on-your-toes experience.  Even the fast guys had a difficult time passing each other until certain areas of the track.   Plus it has been a few years since this configuration has been offered, no one had the advantage of memory by repetition.  Everyone was challenged! 


My Customary Birthday Trackday With FastrackRiders!

Although I usually ride on my birthday (which was Sunday) I switched with one of the other registration girls whose birthday was also on May 22.  I was going to be at the racetrack both days anyway so she might as well get out and have some fun away from the smell of exhaust,  race fuel and trackfood–which I find palatable–on her own birthday.   I am thankful to be able to ride AT ALL so I was game.  I’m so glad we switched!   The weather was perfect!


Ride the Autoclub Infield Track with Fastrackriders For Only $135! June 7, 8th!

June 7th & 8th (Tuesday & Wednesday) Auto Club Speedway AMA Infield Track (LEVEL 2 SOLD OUT for June 8th)

Auto Club Speedway’s Infield Road Course is a nice flowing 1.7 mile seventeen turn track that is fun and challenging. Level I allows passing only on the straights, Level II allows passing on the outside in any corner, and Level III has no passing restrictions. Garages are available for the first seventy five riders. In Level I and Level II the straight away ends at the second set of braking cones. Novice Rider School Students ride with Level I riders. Six foot passing rule is always in force. This is really a fun track. It’s not long but very flowing and it is challenging which really helps a rider develop their technical skills. The track has been reconfigured for 2007 for better flow and safety. Groups will be limited to 25 riders. Fastrack riders runs through lunch so each rider gets eight twenty minute sessions on the track minus any lost time to incidents. Fastrack hires extra corner workers so all get a one hour break. We operate out of Garage 3 and the first 75 to 80 riders have garages to use. Auto Club Speedway has the finest Fire & Safety Crews around and pick up crashes promptly so less time is lost in the event of a crash. Two ALS ambulances on site so no lost time in the event of a transport and yes, always a full contingency of corner workers. 10 Freeway to the Cherry Avenue exit which is about three miles east of the 15 freeway coming out of Los Angeles. Turn North on Cherry and the Speedway is about four blocks down on the left. 

Autoclub Speedway (Fontana) Track Map (Interior)

Register For June 7th Now!

Register For June 8th Now!

Autoclub Speedway Trackday – Feb 13

I worked for FastrackRiders on Saturday which was great, very busy and fun.  There was a huge KTM Press-only demo event so that was pretty cool to see all of the new KTM RC8 1190 bikes, the Duke, etc.  The riders had an awesome time, the turn-out was excellent and the weather was perfect.  But let’s get to the real reason of this post…Sunday I got to ride!

Look! No mullet set-up anymore 🙂


I Am Officially A Licensed Motorcycle Racer

Granted I have not had my first race as of yet (that’s this weekend coming up), but I took the WERA New Racer’s School at Auto Club Speedway.  So I am a poseur until this weekend lol.

I didn’t even know I was going to take the class until the day before.  I was working in registration for Fastrack Rider’s Customer Appreciation Day on January 7th and a customer came in inquiring about the New Racer’s School.  I said I really didn’t know anything about it and had to ask my boss, Dave Shaverdi.  Lo and behold there was indeed a school the next day!  At my home track, OMG!  I think Dave saw “that look” in my eye and asked, “Why, do you want to take it”  OMG! YES!!! And I did a little woo hoo dance.  Seriously.