2017 Elsinore Grand Prix: Pitting For Shawn For The Harvey Mushman

Of course, Tabi and I weren't the only people to race the 2017 Elsinore GP.   I know I am late on this but work is super busy right now.  I had it written in a draft and was waiting for his account of it.  That will never happen, so I am going to post pics... Continue Reading →


3rd Place in Women’s 250 Nov Class – Elsinore Grand Prix 2017

So much to say! The few weeks leading up the event seemed long and full of preparations and expenses.  Just to recap, Shawn had to change his valves and piston, and fork/cartridge seals on his CRF450R and my YZ250F needed wheel bearings.   We also had to secure some sponsorship dollars.  Shorai paid for some entry... Continue Reading →

2012 In Review

2012 was  blur.  I don't remember much about 2012 except loading and unloading my truck.  It was a very strange year, not as strange as the next year, 2013, but strange nonetheless.  I went to every WERA round except for Miller in Utah.  I had a mechanical at Autoclub (my bad luck race venue), it... Continue Reading →

2010 Monaco F1 Grand Prix

Nine Busy Days of Madness. From A hot lap in a Spyker around the track to Ivitation-only parties on Vijay Mallya's yacht to meeting the Prince of Monaco and also Richard Branson - Monaco is what it is: Not like any other place.  At The Palace Hot Lap in the Spyker The Race From The Boat  

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