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Grand Prix

2012 In Review

2012 was  blur.  I don’t remember much about 2012 except loading and unloading my truck.  It was a very strange year, not as strange as 2013, but strange nonetheless.  I went to every WERA round except for Miller in Utah.  I had a mechanical at Autoclub (my bad luck race venue), it was  stupid mechanical, too.  In fact, I won’t mention it.   I won the WERA West Women’s Super Stock Novice Championship and got 2nd in the California State Championship Formula Femme class.  I also managed to get 4th place Women’s Intermediate in my first dirt/enduro/GP race at the Elsinore GP.  Which was a  pretty awesome experience.  Here are a few pics of what transpired.

January – WERA Round 1

2012-01-January Jan-08-2012-WERA Race 05B CP4_9822


2010 Monaco F1 Grand Prix

Nine Busy Days of Madness. From A hot lap in a Spyker around the track to Ivitation-only parties on Vijay Mallya’s yacht to meeting the Prince of Monaco and also Richard Branson – Monaco is what it is: Not like any other place. 

At The Palace

Hot Lap in the Spyker

The Race From The Boat


Attending Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach

This ought to be different.  My two girlfriends are going to the event, one of them runs a fansite for one of the teams (yay! comped tickets) and she invited me to tag along. This will be my first car race.  Can’t say it will be more exciting than bike racing but I am happy to go. I haven’t seen her in a loooong time.   Although it will be weird not being in the hot pit.  OMG I am a spectator!! Crikey.