Hey, if I can get out of bed these days without something hurting, I'm good.

Horseback Riding

Winter Is Here. And It Sucks.

First off, it very well may rain on my track day.  So no lean angle therapy for me until January or so.  And it’s cold as hell, 32F last night right now.  I woke up this morning to frost everywhere and had to feed horses and clean stalls.

My God-niece is here for a while so I am putting her to work.  Yesterday we hauled and stacked 2 loads of wood, hauled and unloaded 8 bales hay (it’s all that would fit in my truck).  While I dragged the upper paddock and the arena, she rode my dirtbike and scrubbed it so it is perfect now and just the right amount of moisture from the past storm.  I had to go tell her to get off the mini track because it was completely dark last night.  I thought she was going to run my bike dry again.


Childhood Memories & Horseback Riding

Today I decided to jump on my Arabian mare with no tack and ride her around the pasture–free, like it should be.  It brought me back to the days when I was about 8, riding around on my white gelding in the field with him going where I wanted to go, almost like he could read my mind.  Although the field is now an arena and is a lot smaller.  I love my mare, she’s nuts and not incredibly trained but I trust her.  I admire her spirit because you can never force her to do anything, but you can ask her and she usually does as you wish as long as it’s mutual and you gain her trust.  She is stubborn and loving and a little bit crazy. I just relate to her more than my Thoroughbred gelding who is simply lazy and “dirty”.   He has thrown me quite a few times (and others) and he is the most trained and has ribbons in jumping and showing.  Just another bastard racehorse lol.  But my mare, she has my love…

Horseback Riding Picnic – Not Such A Great Idea

So we had the brilliant idea to take my horses out into the Cleveland National Forest for a gourmet picnc. Mind you my horses haven’t been out of their pasture or riding arena since last fall. And if that were not enough I decided to use my mare’s Dr. Cook’s Bitless Bridle to make things more interesting.  To top it off, it started drizzling and the wind picked up as soon as we dismounted.  

Not to be thwarted, I removed my gelding’s bit from his bridle and attached both of their lead ropes to their bridles and to a tree in hopes that would be enough and they’d actually be good while tied. Yeah right. Razz had to eat everything and was stretching his lead rope, and Avalon had to break down the tree. She apparently wanted to be near me because I had the food.  I kid you not.

I finally let her be near me and she started begging for bread (bad!) and wine (well, she likes cab, what can I say?).   We downed our food as it was getting past their feeding time and got the hell out of there.  I had to deal with wind,  drizzle and the horses jigging (a held back, petulant, prancy and impatient trot) the whole way home. I was NOT happy about that.

But I have to admit it was good to get out, just not the peaceful picnic I had expected.

Redesigned My Website

So here is the obligatory post announcing it 🙂


Streetluging Again Sunday

Yesterday I was filthy from my horses, today I was in a suit and heels all day (lol), tomorrow I’m mounting and balancing tires and getting greasy, Sunday I’ll be wearing leathers bombing the hills of SoCal via streetluge. And I’m packing my BASE rig on Monday.

Diversity is the key to happiness 😉

Streetluged, Rode Dirtbikes & Horses Today


My teammate, Kalish, came over this morning and we took off streetluging until noon.  Had a lot of fun, and garnered a lot of spectators lol.  Everyone always seems to be so amazed at streetlugers speeding down the street. Especially chicks, I think. 😉


We then rode dirtbikes out back on the TTR track for a while and got some great POV and HD video.  When we couldn’t get into get Kalish fitted for her new leathers, we decided to go horseback riding for the remainder of the afternoon.  


A full day, but it could have been fuller. We missed the sunset load at ‘Snore.  There is always tomorrow.

We should be streetluging in the morning and taking of to San Clemente to the leather shop. Yay! Gear!  I think I need some new roadracing leathers…

This Past Week Was INSANELY Awesome!

Buell 1125R

Buell 1125R

The only thing I didn’t do was make a BASE Jump.  I flew my wingsuit and then Shawn came in town and we streetluged like mad, using the bikes to tow each other up the hill–which was awesome!  We rode motorcycles a lot, Ortega Hwy to pick up my luge leathers, went to the beach for dinner and the marine layer rolled in, it was amazing. I tried out the Buell 1125R on the way back, plus again on Sunday.  SO much power. Rode to Palomar, parked mine and then rode on the back of the Buell to see what the tight side of Palomar was like (up and down) with a professional racer at the helm. Nice. I screamed most of the way.

Also rode horses for several hours, fenced for several hours to the point that I have so many contact bruises on me where I had no hard protection, it is not funny. We streetluged some more, went wine tasting, ate sushi, it just didn’t end.  I am exhausted.  But ecstatic.

My race is coming up so soon so I am in constant need of practice. Justin did a run with me on Saturday near my house and commented it was a scary run, suggested that I do Mesa Grande and that I would be fine with it.  I am supposed to do a few runs on Templin Hwy but that’s 2 1/2 hours of driving for a couple hours of runs. Eeek. I need a driver!  I can’t luge if I have no transportation up the hill each time. I’ll pay for your gas 🙂  But it will be good to run with Steve again.  I skipped out on Barrett this weekend but will go next weekend if they are running. Then it’s off to Mexico for tacos afterwards 🙂

Will post pics soon.