Gear That I Use, and Won’t Ride Without.

First let me say that I do not get any compensation, nor am I sponsored in anyway by any company mentioned here.  Unfortunately.  haha.  These are just gear items that I have stuck with after some serious crashdummy testing. Let's start with Dirtbike Riding Gear... Airoh Aviator Helmet A reader contacted me and asked what... Continue Reading →


Back in the Saddle Again

And tired, and out of shape.  My last physical therapy appointment was yesterday and she said I was healing better than average.  If all keeps going well, I can get my hardware out in about 8 months to a year, depending upon what the surgeon says.  Although, it is kind of cool to have hardware,... Continue Reading →


All I can do is couch surf and play my violin (albeit badly).  I can't clean the house well so don't judge, I can just sit there and watch TV in my PJs. Although Shawn took me for a ride on the back of his bike this weekend!  We took this long 180 degree right-hander... Continue Reading →

2012 In Review

2012 was  blur.  I don't remember much about 2012 except loading and unloading my truck.  It was a very strange year, not as strange as the next year, 2013, but strange nonetheless.  I went to every WERA round except for Miller in Utah.  I had a mechanical at Autoclub (my bad luck race venue), it... Continue Reading →

Maia Doing Much Better

After two weeks in the hospital and a new back brace to support her why she heals, Maia is out!  She was flown to New Mexico on the 23rd for physical therapy for the next month and a half and has been walking about a 1/4 mile a day.  Pic before her first surgery, bones... Continue Reading →

Rider Down! Highsided Off Of My Quad

Well, like an idiot I was out doing donuts in my upper paddock as a last minute brilliant idea. No helmet, no padding, just good old American spontaneity.  We were dragging the upper paddock after a hard rain and some hard spots needed some extra attention. What better way to mulch in manure? DONUTS!  SO... Continue Reading →

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