Fitting the Acerbis Universal Supermoto Fender to a WR250X (Part 2 of Mods)

I freely admit I pulled a complete girl card on this and asked Shawn to do it for me.  To be honest, I did not want to screw it up.  Naturally, I supervised a little.  Then I said forget it, have at it, what could possibly go wrong?  I had two requests, please review the... Continue Reading →


First Hollister Ride of the Season

Hollister Lower Ranch Trail Map:  Although the official Faultline/Hollister Redsticker Welcome Back Party isn’t until next Saturday, we decided to ride a little bit this past Sunday since the Season was officially open and I could.   I was itching to ride (call it my pre-pre-run) and Shawn installed a new rear shock and wanted to... Continue Reading →

RC51 Undertail with Integrated Lights Has Arrived!

It's so shiny, too!  My first reaction upon unboxing it was the rigidity.  I was expecting cheap compression plastic but it is actually fiberglass with a serious lacquer on it.  It is extremely well-made and painted.  Which is confusing because the product description said ABS plastic. 'See below: ____________________________________________________________________ 2000-2006 Honda RC51 LED Undertail SKU... Continue Reading →

I Pulled the Trigger

And bought the Victory Red and Force Silver bodywork and will replace the headlights with the OEM.  Now all I have to do is get the tank painted to match after bodywork fitment to be sure on location of decals before clearcoating. I bought it from EZMoto after watching a few unboxing reviews.  I have... Continue Reading →

We Have Lift-off (Finally)!

It has been a long, long, long, loooong process.  I bought this 2002 Honda RC51 SP2 a few years ago, way back in June of 2013! Before The prior owner had crashed it (I think highsided from the looks of it) on an on-ramp and I have since piece-mealed this back together.  Very, very slowly... Continue Reading →

So, those no name levers suck.

The ones I got from Amazon?  They are heavy, and bulky.  And they don't fit my Works Connection perch, obviously.  Plus apparently my Works levers have 3 sealed bearings and although they are fried, if I get new bearings it will be easy to pull again. The clutch becomes unbearable after a day, it stresses... Continue Reading →

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