Want. “Duked: Ryan Stephen’s knockout custom KTM 690 — Savvy Wheel Genius”

We don’t see many custom KTMs, but they tend to be spectacular—like Max Hazan’s supercharged art bike, or the two-wheel-drive monster built for REV’IT! Upholding this fine tradition is a striking build from Ryan Stephen, which broke cover at the ‘Motorcycles as Art’ show at Sturgis earlier this year. Curated by famed photographer Michael Lichter, […]... Continue Reading →


3D Printed Fork Cap Wrench

It is a little bulky but for my bike it works as it has enough clearance.  It is also well-designed and not brittle at all.   Plus, it was free except for the filament used to make it. Why?  Shawn opened my forks what seems like a thousand times, but apparently he was doing so without... Continue Reading →

Hollister.  Revalving. Yay.

March 26 Late Entry We were really overdue for a good, solid rain.  Luckily it had rained practically all week and then it rained rather unexpectedly overnight again on Saturday.  I just love when it rains before we ride.   We went early-ish on Sunday (March 25) morning to take advantage of it.  As expected, lower... Continue Reading →

Love Is…

When your dearheart agrees to ride your 150R so you can go riding at Hollister. Backstory...Shawn's CRF450R chewed up the clutchbasket cushions. When I say chewed up, they are gone: I saw some remnants under the pressure plate and the rest was in the crank case  This was after the majority of it was cleaned... Continue Reading →

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