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Motorcycle Prep

Second Annual woman-led ADVWoman Rally dates announced


GRANBY, CO – February 15, 2017 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  Second Annual woman-led ADVWoman Rally dates Announced for July 20-23, 2017, at Flying Heels Rodeo Arena in Granby, Colorado.

Dates are announced for the second annual adventure rally organized for women and families. To be held July 20-23, 2017, in Granby, Colorado, the event will include a variety of self-guided rides, Geocache scavenger hunt, classroom training sessions as well as on-range adventure and dirt bike rider training. All instructors are women! Men are welcome too– this is a female and family friendly rally….

Second Annual woman-led ADVWoman Rally dates announced

I definitely want to get more into this.  But that would require selling a bike to buy a bigger onroad/offroad bike and I am not ready for that. 



R6 Stator Issue Sorted!

And finally at home…


My R6 wasn’t keeping my battery charged (I know, right?) and Mosberg changed out the reg/rec before he gave it to me, my changing batteries, Shawn checking the resistance of the stator, etc. It turns out that there was simply oil gunked up on the coils (looked a little baked on) and so now she has a new stator and it runs like a beast! My output is about 14.1 at idle.  My battery stays charged, it runs perfectly.


This is the paperwork that came with it, haha  Car Engine?  In case be eating?  What???



I am so excited! When it warms up, off for my first ride! There was ice on my truck this morning and had to be scraped off the windows. I am going nowhere on two wheels any time soon unless it is dirt, and mid day, and I am wearing a thick underlayer.

Thanks be to Shawn for ordering the stator and figuring it all out. He rode it home from Shorai (it was dark and cold and I played the girl card) and he said it was super agile (and too small for him).  He said I was going to love it.  It is really light. The last R6 I was on was pretty awesome so I know this one will be even better.

Thank you again, Mosberg!!!  You is the man.

But I think my WR is getting jealous : (




The 70th Annual Cowbell Enduro at Middle Creek Was Fantastic!


I swear to you, the folks with D36 and the riders are some genuinely friendly people.   I always felt that the Enduro and Hare and Hound crowds were much friendlier than MotoX, even friendlier than those in the Roadracing community.  But honestly, up north with D36, they are amazing.  Truly welcoming, helpful and just want you to have fun.  You can’t figure out the timekeeping?  NO problem, have fun (and stay out of the way of those who are trying to make it to the checkpoints on time).


Yay! New Rubber!


Surprise! Shawn had a new tire for me for the last race I couldn’t make (because of the leg) So I guess this means I’m racing  🙂  Let’s hope the CRF can handle it because it’s gonna be muddy ; )  As Brian (the customer who told me about the Cowbell) said, “It’s not the arrow, it’s the Indian.  But it is more like, can I handle hours of riding without stopping.  Before I got out of shape we could ride all day; not anymore.

The CRF needs to make it 50 miles for the race and it can go about 70mpt if I am not wide open the entire time (which I won’t be).

70th Annual Cowbell Enduro – Upper Lake, CA – Nov 5th, 2016


Long story short.  A customer called and told me about the enduro and well, now we are trying to make it happen.  Okay, Shawn is at 95% certain, but I am doing the usual weighing it back and forth (shoud I race, should I not race, is my leg solid enough, I need a tire, how is the grip, should I do it, hey I still have my AMA license and that’s a bonus.)  It is at our usual haunt and it is An enduro rather than the all balls out Scramble which means less pressure, which means less chance of injury (although the last enduro I raced I crashed no less than 5 times).  Upper Lake near Penny Pines is a lot less hardcore than Pilsbury or Stonyford areas, at least deep in. We have spent 30 minutes trying to get out of one deep ravine before.  But the last time we did a post-race run through Upper Lake (the arrows were still up, it was doable for me, even in the mud).

Sooooooooo should I?  could I?  would I?  I have 2 days to think about it. haha

Flyer: http://teamflyingw.com/=W=/D36/2016/Enduro/events/11%2005%20Rnd-5%20Cowbell%20Enduro/flyer.pdf

Shorai Is At the AIM Expo in Orlando Oct 13-16

So stop by and say hi to Shawn and Phuc!  I won’t be there.

aim-expoShorai Inc., the leader in the design, development and manufacture of lithium starter batteries, announced the company will be in attendance at the fourth-annual American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo), the powersports industry’s largest trade and consumer show in North America. Shorai will be showcasing its LFX™ batteries alongside OEMs, distributors, parts and accessories manufacturers and dealers to celebrate motorcycling, the motorcycling lifestyle and the business of motorcycling with consumers and media. The AIMExpo will take place Oct. 13-16, 2016, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Shorai will be in booth #2116.




Firstly I think it is kind of unfortunate that I am able to purchase motorcycle parts from eBay or Amazon at the press of a button and not have to go through a ton of steps so I can think it over first.  Do I really need this?  Can I find it cheaper elsewhere?  Should I go OEM?   I just think it should be at least a little more difficult so I can’t easily spend my the majority of my earnings on parts. This month I bought parts and couldn’t pay my cell phone bill for the last two days of the cycle.  Well, I don’t need a phone as badly as most.  Thankfully, Shawn bought a lot of parts this month.

Secondly, we have been working on this motorcycle for eons, and I know Mike Franklin wants me to finally place it in my name (sorry, Mike, I will very soon!).

Long story short, my parts list is long. But I am slowly ticking away at it.

September Goodies…