Lifespan of a Ducati Panigale,Or A Motorcycle In General

I read the funniest thing on a Ducati Panigale forum today about the "lifespan" of a bike, that being 5-10 years. Are Ducatis tossed away (crashed) before this or are people that spoiled they buy a new one every 5-10 years.  Apparently people are making a lot more money than I am if it is... Continue Reading →


Girl’s (Dirtbiking) Weekend

Another weekend, another adventure!  Tabi came into town to get in a visit before she eventually goes off to Coast Guard basic.   I took off vacation time and decided to go all out since I will not see her for quite a while. Day One & Two: Street Luge Sadly, I will admit I did... Continue Reading →

First Hollister Ride of the Season

Hollister Lower Ranch Trail Map:  Although the official Faultline/Hollister Redsticker Welcome Back Party isn’t until next Saturday, we decided to ride a little bit this past Sunday since the Season was officially open and I could.   I was itching to ride (call it my pre-pre-run) and Shawn installed a new rear shock and wanted to... Continue Reading →

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