It’s Official: We Are Racing the 49th Lake Elsinore GP This Weekend!

Shorai agreed to sponsor our race fees and the gas, plus use of the Shorai van.  Wooo!!!    Now if only I could scrounge for a rear tire and perhaps borrow someone's "balls" for the weekend I will be okay because I'm racin the YZ and it's freakin me out!!  Aiiighh!!   Tabi is racing the... Continue Reading →


First Hollister Ride of the Season

Hollister Lower Ranch Trail Map:  Although the official Faultline/Hollister Redsticker Welcome Back Party isn’t until next Saturday, we decided to ride a little bit this past Sunday since the Season was officially open and I could.   I was itching to ride (call it my pre-pre-run) and Shawn installed a new rear shock and wanted to... Continue Reading →

Guess What Sunday Is?

That's right!  Time to get out the dirtbabies!!  It's Red Sticker Open Riding Season!! We were in line before the DMV even opened (even though there was still a long line) so we could get everything in order to go ride. I have been waiting 126 days to ride my YZ250F again.      

2017 Hollister Hills/ Faultline Powersports RED STICKER RIDE! October 7th – Be There!

WHAT: 2017 Hollister Hills, Faultline Powersports  Red Sticker Welcome Back Ride WHEN: October 7th, Saturday, 9AM WHERE: Hollister Hills OHV - Lower Ranch.  Epicenter: Faultline Powersports Store TRAILMAP: WHY: Because red-stickered OHV riders have not been able to ride since May!! Outside of California, many of you have no idea wheat I am talking about... Continue Reading →

Little Ride On Sunday.

Even though it was hot, although not triple digits this time, I wanted to go for a short ride.   Traffic was not that bad this time so I followed Shawn aimlessly, as is customary, here and there, and everywhere.  We wound up taking some unknown backroads (not pictured on the route) and then through Casserly... Continue Reading →

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