Don’t Forget the Faultline Powersports Red Sticker Ride at Hollister This Weekend!

11th Annual Welcome Back to the Hills! Starting at 9 AM, there will be vendors (Shorai, Lucas Oil, Fox, Dunlop, Alpinestars, Fly, Racing, Motion Pro, Rock Oil, Ramblers, Eagle Grit, and more!) at the front of the Faultline store.  Ride all day, grab some lunch, hang out with your friends. The Raffle is at 3... Continue Reading →


First Hollister Ride of the Season

Hollister Lower Ranch Trail Map:  Although the official Faultline/Hollister Redsticker Welcome Back Party isn’t until next Saturday, we decided to ride a little bit this past Sunday since the Season was officially open and I could.   I was itching to ride (call it my pre-pre-run) and Shawn installed a new rear shock and wanted to... Continue Reading →

2017 Hollister Hills/ Faultline Powersports RED STICKER RIDE! October 7th – Be There!

WHAT: 2017 Hollister Hills, Faultline Powersports  Red Sticker Welcome Back Ride WHEN: October 7th, Saturday, 9AM WHERE: Hollister Hills OHV - Lower Ranch.  Epicenter: Faultline Powersports Store TRAILMAP: WHY: Because red-stickered OHV riders have not been able to ride since May!! Outside of California, many of you have no idea wheat I am talking about... Continue Reading →

Shorai Is At the AIM Expo in Orlando Oct 13-16

So stop by and say hi to Shawn and Phuc!  I won't be there. Shorai Inc., the leader in the design, development and manufacture of lithium starter batteries, announced the company will be in attendance at the fourth-annual American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo), the powersports industry’s largest trade and consumer show in North America. Shorai... Continue Reading →

Dirtbiking In Elsinore [Again]

It's an Anti Monkey Butt Kinda Day! After the June Gloom cleared on Sunday, we decided to head out to Elsinore for some dirtbiking.  Last time I was being a wuss and although I was not exactly McGrath this time either, I was a *little* more aggressive.  I owe that to just coming off the... Continue Reading →

Rider Down! Highsided Off Of My Quad

Well, like an idiot I was out doing donuts in my upper paddock as a last minute brilliant idea. No helmet, no padding, just good old American spontaneity.  We were dragging the upper paddock after a hard rain and some hard spots needed some extra attention. What better way to mulch in manure? DONUTS!  SO... Continue Reading →

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