It’s That Time Again – My Yearly Birthday Ride!

About to be another year older and Shawn asks, "Well what do you want to do for your birthday this year?" M: "What do you think I want to do?  What do I do every year?" S: "Dirtbike-camping trip with your new dirtbike?" M: "YES!" So we pack up the truck and myyyy neeeew biiiike!... Continue Reading →


Riding Clear Creek

Shawn had gone here before but I hadn't so he finally talked me into it.  I had heard it was awful terrain that I shouldn't be on.  So, of course, I had to go eventually.  Still on the CRF so probably not the best choice of bike since it is pretty snotty everywhere, even at... Continue Reading →

My New [to me] KX100!!

Santa was nice to me this year...and here is my KX100 in all its pink and black glory : )    It is soooo much better than my TTR 125!  Shawn did the research and found a guy whose wife decided a 2 stroke was too much for her.  Since I have been putt-putting around for over a year on... Continue Reading →

Ridge Riding: I Have My Limits

So, one more time for Memorial Day and it did not end so wonderfully.   We started up the highest, most treacherous part--unbeknownst to me, of course. And I come up over this damn ridge from HELL and didn't see it took a sharp 90 left. Well, I hit both brakes  and my eyes get big as... Continue Reading →

Ridge Riding Again! Awesomeness!

We decided to forgo Gorman for Memorial Day weekend due to the distance and possible inclement weather at night for camping. So since we went to the Riverside ridges the other day and having ridden there collectively for about 7 hours, we still haven't even even made dent in it yet.  So off we went, but this time... Continue Reading →

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