Hey, if I can get out of bed these days without something hurting, I'm good.

Ridge Riding

Faultline Powersports Hollister Hills OHV Red Sticker Welcome Back Party – Success!


It was pretty chilly afterall.  We were sitting under the oaks and searching for little spots of sunshine to warm ourselves in.  There were a lot of great prizes and lots of people braaapping around.  Shawn and I got to ride a little bit, taking turns, right before the raffle at 3 pm.   We gave away a Shorai LFX14L2 battery and charger set.


The Lucky Winner

Then we went riding after the raffle! Yay!  So, in my opinion, thatCRF motor is fast enough.  I just still wish the wheels were bigger.  I hit some monster rocks and ruts and the front end hated it.  So perhaps better suspension?????  It was pretty dry and dusty but the rains are coming soon!  The leg held up, so that is good news.

Here are some photos of the event.




[Officially never wearing white pants with a ton of padding under it again. ]

It was a lot of fun, show up next time!


My New [to me] KX100!!

Santa was nice to me this year…and here is my KX100 in all its pink and black glory : )    It is soooo much better than my TTR 125!  Shawn did the research and found a guy whose wife decided a 2 stroke was too much for her.  Since I have been putt-putting around for over a year on my TTR, it was time to trade up!  We drove out there and luckily the guy was flexible on the price.  And so Isabeau found her new home.  Yes, I actually named my dirtbike.  And yes, I actually named it Isabeau (from LadyHawke) lol. I have never named an inanimate object in my life so I have achieved a (more…)

Ridge Riding: I Have My Limits

So, one more time for Memorial Day and it did not end so wonderfully.   We started up the highest, most treacherous part–unbeknownst to me, of course. And I come up over this damn ridge from HELL and didn’t see it took a sharp 90 left. Well, I hit both brakes  and my eyes get big as plates.  It is a sheer drop off on the other side. Who in SAM HELL designed this crap? Oh yeah, Mother Nature. Well, she does not get a pass on this one.  I am sufficiently jacked up on Monster, worse than a Cheetah-on-Meth and not happy. And then I see what looks like a sorta-precarious-maybe-I-can-do-this-hill but I have to go down him on this washed out ridge first, get enough momentum and then motor up the sandy incline. Well-camouflaged by the surrounding sand is a jump. A jump, WHOTHEFACK puts a jump in the middle of a sandy incline. Damn you Mother Nature, you are an evil succubus. It kind of unfolds like this…

Okay I start going down hill, balance!! Stay on the goat trail, watch the washed out area HOLYSHITE! Enough momentum, WTH is that?? A jump? Shit. I hit it, I am leaning too far forward I come off the pegs, land on the handlebars HARD. I feel like I have been hit by firetruck (thank God for chest protectors) and I am still balancing on the handlebars with my chest apparently. Oh shit, here comes the rear, it hits the jump, I have found the pegs by now but it is too late, I get tossed over my handlebars, uphill! And my bike partially runs over me and lands on top of me.

I get up and I am on the verge of having had the wind knocked out of me, but not quite. I say nothing. No cursing, NOTHING.  S goes to get the bike off of me and I just tell him to leave it.   Tears start streaming down my face. It hurt so badly and I look and there is the most awful drop off to my right. I start thinking I shouldn’t even be in this area. Of course I get mad at him and he suffers my wrath. I want to throw he and his bike over the cliff.

Well I tried a few more runs, it just kept getting steeper. The grip was so awful because it was dry and super sandy. It honestly needs a good rain.I want to go home. So we head back to the truck and have to go around a gorge that has some sort of pseudo quicksand but not quite. It is freaky, not deep but the bikes start sinking and we know it’s too late to stop so we just pin it.  

And I haven’t been back to Gilman since.   Shawn has been back a few times but really, I’m just not in the mood to go ridge riding. It was like gorging yourself on pizza for days and never wanting it again for a while. Once the conditions get better and it isn’t stupid hot and sandy I will go again. But for now, I am staying away.

And that’s my wussy Gilman story. Yes, you may now tear a corner off of my Extreme Card. Video: Bad Dirtbiking Day. And I sound like a complete bitchy, whiny, helpless girl.

Ridge Riding Again! Awesomeness!

We decided to forgo Gorman for Memorial Day weekend due to the distance and possible inclement weather at night for camping. So since we went to the Riverside ridges the other day and having ridden there collectively for about 7 hours, we still haven’t even even made dent in it yet.  So off we went, but this time we skipped the canyon warm-up and went straight to the ridges. Yay  And of course I had to get my new gear dirty by crashing a ton, I finally wore something other than my pink and black Bilt Racing gear. Not that it matters, BUT IT DOES!  As you can see, I accessorized with pink Ducktape for my Go-Pro and a pink Camelbak. A girl has to be fashionable.

I was entirely too stiff to be riding the advanced areas that early in the game and was down 3 times before I even made it to the first ridge ramp.  I was TORQUED–I even kicked my bike, lol. I threw a vertitable tantrum and then finally tore up the ridge, bonsai-style for about 3 minutes solid.  I cross-rutted once pretty badly and thought for sure I was going to kick off the side of the ridge, but I hopped both ruts and made it out of there.  Then I hit a large rock and was almost unseated. S was following me, hoping I wasn’t going to wad.  Thankfully, God loves me 😉

Onboard Video of the Ride

We rode a lot of jumps and berms,; it was a lot of fun. Of course, when you make jumps you feel so much more bad-ass and think you get far more air than you really do.  After looking at the video and comparing my jumps with Shawn’s jumps, its laughable. I need to go back to riding in my backyard.  At one point S did a jump that would made Honda  proud (on his XR100). And it was damn hilarious. I told him, “Do it again, Let me take a pic!” and of course, he takes off like a bat out of hell and doesn’t even give a sh*t if he lands on two wheels. He comes over the jump and is super-high in the air, I take the pic, glance down and remark how great it came out and then I hear a huge crashing sound. I look over and he is complete end over end, wadded!   The XR100 had no business going that high on that suspension. lol! Made one hell of a pic though 🙂 He gets points for trying! The pic was actually taken only halfway through the jump, he was still climbing after the pic was taken, overshot the landing area and landed into the face of the hill.  It was awesome! lol

NO good can come of this…

On the last part of our ride, we came across a steep drop off. I was in the rear so I was flagged not to continue–yet.  Then the camera comes out and S tells me to just come to the edge because he wants to get my reaction. I am under the assumption I was expected to ride down the rocky area and he was telling me that he’d take my bike down. Well I didn’t hear that part.  So I take off down the path of least resistance and scream like a girl.  Errr, you know what I mean.   It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but it could have been worse than it was. Does that makes sense?  It actually doesn’t look that bad in the pic below (iphone), but I assure you it was scary.  I am standing in the middle of the area I had to ride down. It keeps going for a few feet below me out of the range of the photo. Rear brake slide at the end, necessary.

It was a great day, lots of learning, lots of mistakes, lots of close calls and personal triumphs. Typical day 😉 We’ll probably go back on Monday, I need a break for a few days to heal from this past week. Ugh!