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Extreme Beauty Tips for Sailing Enthusiasts

I love sailing! I don’t get to do it as often as I’d like but I certainly enjoy it when I do. Now, you may not think Sailing is extreme. But it can be. Anything can be extreme if you put a spin on it, speed it up, or the weather is bad. Personally, I like speeding things up a bit. Racing is a lot of fun! But it can be hardcore on your body.

The worst thing about sailing is its effect on your skin and hair. The moist air usually makes my hair very mushy feeling since I lighten it. The UV exposure can be harsh! And the wind can temporarily destroy your skin. You simply must take precautions if you are going to maintain your appearance.

•Stay Hydrated: As always, stay hydrated. The only problem with being a woman and staying hydrated is the lack of available restroom facilities. Guys have it easy. Us ladies? Not so much. Regardless, it is important to drink plenty of water when you are sailing.

•Sunscreen & Clothing: This should go without saying. You are sailing a boat surrounded by reflective water in direct sun. Use common sense. Even if it is in the early morning, or if it is in the winter, you will get UV exposure. Covering your arms with long sleeves can be a good idea, but if it is incredibly hot, you may choose not to out of comfort. A light windbreaker is fine, especially in the mornings. WEAR A HIGH SPF SUNSCREEN! Anthelios is a great line. Gloves are a good idea as well. Blisters are painful and unsightly.

•Baby wipes: Although you are surrounded by water, salt water (if you are sailing on the ocean, obviously) isn’t the best thing for your skin and hair. A small, travel pack of baby wipes will do and can help with cleaning grime, hands, fuel spills and other clean-up jobs. They dry out in the heat once they are opened even if you seal them back properly. Seal them further in a small Ziploc baggie if need be and stash them in your backpack.

•Lip Balm: Dry, chapped lips plague me when I sail. I like the Vaseline Lip Therapy line, or Noni lip balm but anything you prefer will do. Make sure it has at least a SPF 15 sunscreen! Keep it in your pocket because you should reapply often.

•Mirror: A small compact is a good idea. Use it to check your nose if you get the sniffles. Remember to place a Kleenex travel pack in your pocket, as well. I don’t know about you but sailing in the cold wind causes my nose to run. Blech! Apparently, I am obsessed with checking noses.

•Make-up: I usually put make-up on to sail, go figure. It is great to help block UV light as well as covers blemishes. I use a foundation and some Bare Escentuals mineral powder. I do carry Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation with me, as well as some lip gloss, eyeliner, and a brow pencil.

•Hair: If your hair is long and chemically treated, I suggest you apply something like PHYTO PLAGE Protective Sun Veil and keep it up in a scrunchie, or in a ponytail. It will get knotted if you let it fly. Also, if you decide to go swimming, it really is a good idea to saturate your hair with fresh water before jumping into the salt water. If you have enough on hand, be sure to rinse it afterwards. Salt can do a real number on your hair. If you have hair extensions, especially synthetic ones, it usually is not a good idea to braid your hair and go into the water. Instead, leave it in a secured fashion at the base with ponytail holders down its length.

•Nails: I personally like to sail with short nails. I can rip a nail off in less than 5 minutes of walking on a boat. You can always grow them out or get a longer set later; it’s better than an injury. Again, wear protective, sure-grip gloves. Blisters are ugly.

At The End Of The Day
You will feel like showering no matter what. If it’s cold, it will warm you up, if it’s hot it will cool you down and rinse the nastiness from you. Wash your hair with a really good conditioner and don’t forget to apply a good lotion like Aveeno Moisturizing Lotion. Sailing can be harsh on your appearance so be sure to make up for it post-sail.

Sail Free!
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