Ack! The Blue Shark Has Landed For The Last Time

Seems someone messed up pretty good last month (May 24, 2017) at Perris Valley Airport. When the pilot was landing the '76 Twin Otter, the wing hit a fuel tanker, ripped ofF the wing, spun it around and then it crash landed a bit further down the runway.  I learned to skydive on this plane!... Continue Reading →


Skydiving At Perris

I did a couple of jumps with some friends over at Perris the other day. It was hot as hell so I decided to forgo my freefly suit. Not a good idea. My laces on my pants and shoes came undone and they beat the crap out of my legs (see pic). Also, Skin looks like... Continue Reading →

BASE Packing. Again.

At least it is getting easier each time I do it. Messy, but easier. The neatness will come. I shouldn't have taken off the last 6 months, but I had to 😦  Since October I have not been allowed to jump due to that drunk driving idiot who hit us.  I was told I could... Continue Reading →

Yet Another Balloon Jump!

I needed some footage for a reel of mine and so when Jenn called me, I grabbed two spots (1 for Karen for video).  I decided to go in my skydiving gear because I was slider off on my BASE rig and was SO not wasting a packjob. Besides how often do I really jump... Continue Reading →

Extreme Beauty Tips For Skydivers

Skydiving is one of my true passions. Unfortunately you can achieve an extreme level of nastiness partaking in this fun pastime. Most drop zones (DZ) on the west coast are dry, dusty and hot as can be in the summer. Just as sure as you can bet on afternoon dust devils, you will get sunburned, you will sweat, your hair will get tangled, you will get funky-dirty, you will get bruised, scraped, bloody, every molecule of sunblock you have carefully placed on your body will be obliterated, you will get bad breath from the mouth dryness and you will more than likely at least a couple of times per day have concentrated nasal mucous (a nice way of putting it) stuck like glue to the tip of your nose, in your nasal passages, coating your goggles and anything else that was above your nose during free fall. How in the heck does one remain sexy with all of that going on??

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