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So here is the obligatory post announcing it 🙂


Iceriding Rocked! Again!

m_iceride2Day 1: The first day wasn’t so great. Shawn and I took off on Silver Lake and no one was out there so the ice hadn’t been graded. It was bumpy as hell, ruts were everywhere plus there was a ton of snow.   He took his bike and I was on his XR100 again. He never gets to use it at the local lake because it is too loud, but at Silver Lake, it doesn’t matter.  

It was exhausting.  I had to be on top of my game constantly or I was getting my rear tire stuck in ruts, or sliding everywhere, or bogging down in the snow. Not to mention I had to blip the throttle the entire time to keep it going (sounds a little tempermental like my TTR125).  I eventually quit. For about 10 minutes, lol.  I went back out there as it was more fun, or watched him go around. The track is a lot larger than the one at the local lake so this was different.  We rode until sunset, which was nice.  I was freezing to death and was very glad I wore a full-face helmet. 

Day 2 (pic is from day 2): We went to the local lake and brought one of the snowmobiles and the XR100. This time I didn’t wear a full-face and regretted it. It was freezing, colder than at Silver Lake even.   Shawn and I took turns clearing the track with the snowmobile to get the snow off of fit.  There are no ruts on this lake so it is pristine if you can get the snow off the track.   The riding was a lot better than at Silver!  I improved my riding a bit and had some fun. Shawn has been practicing for the Lake Koshkonong Ice Race in Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin on Sunday.  He is supposed to ride a  KX500 as part of a team.  I’ll be going home the day before and won’t be able to make it.

Anyway, I am loving ice riding 🙂  I hope the ice stays frozen for another month.

Flipped Shawn’s Snowmobile. Oops.


Shawn and I took off on the snowmobiles down the river at night, no protective gear except helmets. Stupidity, I know.  I did ask if we should, and was advised, you can if you want but I’m not.  Alright, so we are just going for some dinner at Heaven and off for a little ride. Well, you know me…

I was following Shawn, pretty close behind, competitive as usual and we hit some glare ice, he almost went off, I slid, did a 180 and then ended up facing the outside of the turn, sliding sideways.  Once I connected with snow again it flipped the snowmobile and it rolled over, belly up and still running–I can’t believe it didn’t stall.  Thank God it didn’t roll over on me.  I don’t even know what I landed on but my clavacle and sternum notch is killing me.  [Same areas that I fractured in the ZX-11 wreck. ]  Interesting was that I hurt my head.  With a helmet on.  It felt like someone immediately punched me on the top of the head on both sides. Weird. It also felt like someone punched me on both sides of the chest.  I rolled around for a while, Shawn ran over to me and asked if I was alright, I said “yeah, give me a second. Check the snowmobile.”  Uggggghhh.   He flipped it over and I jumped up thinking he was going to hit me lol.

Once it was upright again, we could see the damage. The screen was broken off, as was the frame around the headlights.  Wonderful.  The rubber clips were all over the ice, some broken, some not.  So zip ties! I love zip ties.  I wish I would have invented the Ziptie.

Anyway…the pic above is of Shawn during the day on the local lake. I didn’t get any pics of myself on the snowmobile but did get some on the bike. Incidentally, Shawn flipped the snowmobile clearing the track off for me to ride on Saturday. Ooops.  I think that was his first time ever flipping one.

p.s. My head still hurts a lot and I have been getting headaches frequently. I hope it heals soon 😦 Shoulder is doing better, however.

Ice Riding & Snowmobiling in Michigan/Wisconsin

icebike6It was soooooo much fun.  Shawn and I took off to Iron Mountain and snowmobiled the trails up there. New Year’s Eve at 11 PM it was -10F so with a bottle of champagne and fireworks we took off into the middle of nowhere. Unbelievably, the champagne got colder once we opened it and it was almost unbearable to drink it was so cold after about 20 minutes. 

I am way too competitive apparently. hehe  Hanging off in the corners, going faster than I should have. It was great 🙂  I only got tossed once. Thank goodness for my new Dainese armor! I took some video one handed in a straight stretch, Won’t do that again. Deer were everywhere, we had to be careful on the trails. Only saw a few people (4) out on the trails New Year’s day. In other words, IT WAS STUPID COLD! We were the only ones stupid enough to be riding.dsc07404

Ice riding is a lot of fun as well. We went back to WI and took the bikes out to the lake and set up a course using whatever we could find, boots, toys, sleds, lol.  Silver Lake was too wet, and too much glass ice on the banks to park near it. Had to get pulled out, truck trailer and all. Too much fun 🙂

Snow Dirtbiking Was Awesome!



So, after much build up, Thanksgiving week, Shawn handed me gear and sent me out on a dirtbike in 2 feet of snow.  Whoa. How fun is this! And what’s more, how difficult is this!! Although he packed down the track first, it is still slippery and crazy. I couldn’t get used to keeping my foot out but on the berms I was good half the time, then on the straights it was so fishtaily. Of course he was great but I must have eaten it a dozen times and my arms became so tired.  It continued to snow and a few times he went sideways through dirt berms as they thawed. That was funny.  It was good to see him pile in considering my lack of skill.  I secretly thought “TAKE THAT HIGBEE!! TAKE THAT!”

Then we went snowmobiling, more fun!  I never knew it could be that fun. It was my first time on a snowmobile, it’s like a jetski but better.  We also hooked up a sled to the back via rope and essentially were all streetluging a large track and flinging each other off on the turns.  The thing about snow is that it didn’t seem to hurt with the armor/padding plus the softness of the snow. Hopefully I can talk him into sending me a pic to post.

Then, night skiing. Firstly I didn’t want to even do it.  I was cold and being a whiner and he talked me into it.  Besides, we didn’t have ski gear so we had a combination of Motocross gear and street clothes and one pair of snow pants (which I commandeered). We had to rent Snowblades and buy me a pair of goggles, gloves and a hat.

I am not used to being with someone who is as competitive as I am.  Or rather who brings it out in me! lol!  I didn’t think I was competitive before.  Everything is always a race.  We were skiing and I spotted a big sign with “Start” on it. And said, “Ooooooo START.” (with the enthusiasm of Homer spotting a beer). Then we used the posts to launch down the hill and raced down to the lift. He always beat me. In secret, I let him 😉 I’m kidding, he had an advantage. Not fair. Yeah, I’m not competitive, lol. Whatever.

 So after a few hours of this is was time to go home. It was pratically a blizzard all the way past Chicago. Of course he can’t go one mile without fishtailing and flat tracking on purpose. SO that was a new one for me as well, I squealed and said “we’re going to die” a lot.  Anyway, good times.   Can’t wait to hopefully try ice biking for New Years.

Extreme Beauty Tips Snowsports Enthusiasts

Snowboarding & Skiboarding (or skiing)!
The only reasons to like winter are the holidays and winter sports! However, extreme temperatures wreak absolute havoc on your skin, hair, nails, and body overall. Add to it the harsh winds and you have a recipe for a difficult beauty restoration project. Trust me!

I would have to say the most difficult factors are the fierce cold and harsh winds. The next two concerns would be the UV exposure and the lack of moisture.

•Stay Hydrated: As always, stay hydrated. The only problem with staying hydrated is having to take off your equipment and the three thousand layers of clothing to go to use the restroom. Add to this the recreational use of alcohol during winter sports (which I have been guilty of only a few times), which can dehydrate you even more. Regardless, it is important to drink plenty of water when you are sailing. I use a Camelbak so I always have water on hand. I have put in warm water before but it usually doesn’t keep the line from freezing so be sure to blow back into your line so there is no water in it. Keep the water within the inner bladder and you will have less problems with freezing.

•Sunscreen & Clothing: WEAR A HIGH SPF SUNSCREEN! Anthelios is a great line, I don’t get any redness if I use it no matter what I am doing. Obviously you are going to be covered up completely in the thick of winter, but I know as the season ends and it gets warmer, you may be tempted to shed clothing. I do it to so I don’t blame you, just be sure to wear a light layer so you don’t get ice burn in theevent that you fall, and also to help with UV exposure.

•Lip Balm: I absolutely have to have this. My lips are prone to getting very chapped. I find that the usual Vaseline Lip Therapy needs to be reapplied often so honestly I stick with waxier Chapstick. Nonetheless, I am always protected. Choose one with at least an SPF 15.

•Mirror: A small compact is a good idea, although a non-breakable is even a better idea. Use it to check your nose if you get the sniffles, which you will—there is no way around it. Remember to place a few paper towels (or very tough Kleenex) in your pocket, as well. Kleenex usually shreds, and paper towels usually rub your nose raw. You’re out of luck both ways so this is a preference.

•Make-up: Foundation is a great way to help block UV light as well as covers blemishes. I use a highly pigmented foundation from MAC and Bare Escentuals mineral powder. I don’t usually reapply throughout the day. Unless I have a huge blemish, I may carry concealer.

•Hair: If you wash your hair in the morning (which you shouldn’t) make sure you dry it COMPLETELY. Freezing temperatures freeze hair as well. Seriously. I have had hair break off after getting wet from the snow and then refreezing. Keep it in a scrunchie and up in a hat. You may think you look cuter with golden locks or a pony tail hanging out, and you probably so, but it kills your hair.

•Nails: I personally prefer to snowboard with short nails. I have had far too many acrylics nails ripped off to care what my hands look like. Besides, I am wearing gloves and many times the fingers aren’t long enough to adequately fit my fingers with long nails. You can always put them back on or grow them out. Better that than a ripped off fingernail.

At The End Of The Day
You will feel like showering no matter what. It will definitely warm you up. Wash your hair with a really good shampoo and conditioner and don’t forget to apply a really moisturizing face and body lotion. Your hands and feet will probably be wrecked so you may consider moisturizing your hands/feet and sleeping with socks on your hands, or moisturizing gloves if you have any, and of course on your feet. You don’t have to let winter spoil your appearance. It will take work but an ounce of prevention…

Next Time: BASE Jumping