Winter Wonderland Vacation In New York

Icicles have no net carbs! Say it with me, Va-ca-tion.  Paid time off!  What a weird concept!  I barely ever take any time off of work for broken bones, much less vacation time.   So we took the kids to see their grandparents up in SW NY.   What do I do on winter vacations to NY?  I... Continue Reading →


Tired of This Rain.

February 2017 (was in my drafts) We have been under a constant downpour and flooding for weeks on end.  I know we need it desperately; a few good years of this may get us back on track.   But it gets old.  The chickens were standing in knee (technically the Avian ankle) deep water if they came out of... Continue Reading →

Iceriding Rocked! Again!

Day 1: The first day wasn't so great. Shawn and I took off on Silver Lake and no one was out there so the ice hadn't been graded. It was bumpy as hell, ruts were everywhere plus there was a ton of snow.   He took his bike and I was on his XR100 again. He... Continue Reading →

Snow Dirtbiking Was Awesome!

  So, after much build up, Thanksgiving week, Shawn handed me gear and sent me out on a dirtbike in 2 feet of snow.  Whoa. How fun is this! And what's more, how difficult is this!! Although he packed down the track first, it is still slippery and crazy. I couldn't get used to keeping... Continue Reading →

Extreme Beauty Tips Snowsports Enthusiasts

Snowboarding & Skiboarding (or skiing)! The only reasons to like winter are the holidays and winter sports! However, extreme temperatures wreak absolute havoc on your skin, hair, nails, and body overall. Add to it the harsh winds and you have a recipe for a difficult beauty restoration project. Trust me! I would have to say... Continue Reading →

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