Hey, if I can get out of bed these days without something hurting, I'm good.


Love is…

Love is when your significant other agrees to rub lotion into your leathers while they are on you just so you can breathe.  It was not as enjoyable to either party as it may sound.


I realized I hadn’t worn my leathers since I think October?? My insurance and registration papers I found in the inside pocket expired in October so I had to print out the new ones. Yeah. so sitting in the garage drying out and stiffening up plus winter lbs.  Does anyone have a shoehorn and some bearing grease??

By the end of the ride it was fine but getting in them at first?  I couldn’t even raise my arms to put on my helmet.  I felt like I was in my streetluge leathers.

It was pretty chilly, the roads were incredibly green, there were downed trees, areas which were still flooded, roads still closed, debris from mudslides.  It wasn’t all that great. Plus it is raining again.

Part of me wants summer to hurry up and get here while the other part still wants it to be boot weather!

Went for a Short Ride On Sunday


We had plans to see a play (The Gin Game) at 3 PM in SJ so that only afforded us a little bit of time to ride.

I took the WR250X yesterday and it is getting chillier.  We went the back way to Pinnacles and then back home again.

We saw a lot of bikes out, a lot of  Harley riders as well.  Two went down about 2 minutes ahead of us on this decreasing radius near my house that always gets me.  I usually just throw it in and think, Ack! I forget just how sharp this turn is!!  Well it got these two guys and one of them had a passenger (a female) lying face down in the dirt.  One of the big guys was pulled up by his friend and shook a ton of dirt off of him.  The couple who went down ware still down when we passed slowly by.  Nothing like putting your expensive bagger in the dirt. : (

Made it to the play , albeit 30 minutes late because of the horrible traffic nightmare that has become the South bay area.  We had to listen through the door (small theater) and then we got in after the intermission. Then a wonderful dinner at Maggiano’s and even a mini cupcake at Kara’s afterwards.  We need more date nights, er days!



Shorai Is At the AIM Expo in Orlando Oct 13-16

So stop by and say hi to Shawn and Phuc!  I won’t be there.

aim-expoShorai Inc., the leader in the design, development and manufacture of lithium starter batteries, announced the company will be in attendance at the fourth-annual American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo), the powersports industry’s largest trade and consumer show in North America. Shorai will be showcasing its LFX™ batteries alongside OEMs, distributors, parts and accessories manufacturers and dealers to celebrate motorcycling, the motorcycling lifestyle and the business of motorcycling with consumers and media. The AIMExpo will take place Oct. 13-16, 2016, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Shorai will be in booth #2116.


I haaaaave an RRRR6, I haaaaave an RRRR6 – neener neener!


So we took off to LA to go see Mosberg and pick up my lovely R6.   He knew I was struggling to keep up with Shawn on my WR250 on the highway and commuting SUCKS on a 250.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my WR.  I do!  But on the hwy?  Ugh.  I seriously have to draft Shawn (which he hates, and I am sure it is entirely illegal, and stupid) just to get in the 78mph range.  On the twisties, and I mean super tight twisties, or rough roads, get out of my way.  Okay, maybe not on exits because I have to go in really deep to keep any momentum as it is a bit piggish. But fun : )

On the way back, we decided to go to Gorman and ride dirt (that entry to come) so we brought the dirtbikes for a fullhouse.  I was so paranoid about scratching the R6.


Anyway, I digress. I HAVE AN R6!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Beautiful eyes…


Trim waist and sexy butt…



  • Frame modification in center mount for added flex
  • FlashTune ECU, flashed for full system and quick shift enabled.
  • Idle raised through ECU
  • RPM gear-based restrictions removed
  • RPM limiter raised 500RPM
  • 100% valve opening through Flash
  • Scott’s Steering Damper
  • Smog block-off plates installed
  • Pair valve system removed
  • Neutral safety switch bypassed
  • kickstand safety switch bypassed
  • Tail eliminator kit
  • Integrated turn signals
  • Shorai battery, naturally!

We are going to finish the yellow and the underneath black to look like the below:

So excited!!!



2013 In Review

Sep-23-2012-WERA - z_Pits-Etc - CP1_70972013 was an INSANE year.  It was very difficult, life threw me some curves.  Can I get a do over. please?   Someone also broke into my truck and stole my tire warmers, a spare Shorai battery, and two ShoeiX11  helmets.  My insurance refused to pay for anything, and I even had to pay for the broken glass, which I am STILL finding in my truck.  I couldn’t race without a helmet, so I had to buy another (a Shoei X12 WOO!!).  Thankfully, I received a 50% discount.  I still don’t have tire warmers, so I borrowed them for the rest of the year.

I won the WERA West Women’s Super Stock Novice Championship and now have to go to Expert status.   I also got 5th in B Superstock Novice and 6th in C Superstock Novice.  I didn’t make it to the last Las Vegas Round, but I DID make it to Miller. Which is the best track EVER.

I was till packed from Miller, so me and my take-off-shod C Horse took off to race  a round out at Streets of Willow for Motowest GP.  I think all of us who went to Miller for WERA were still itching like mad to race, so we all kinda crashed the MotoWest party.  I  took home 2nd place in Mediumweight with the boys, heehee.  Not bad for a track I haven’t been on in years and with barely any practice.  I had a minor, and totally preventable, mechanical on Sunday morning so I was stuck with my bike’s guts hanging out during practice.   While changing a throttle cam, a “helpful” hand pushed the throttle cable in and it looped on the guard.  So, off the airbox went and then some.    I KNOW better than to change things before a race, too.  Now it is set in stone with me.

I realized that I would reeeeally like a ZX6R.  I am tired of the C horse.  I mean, I like  her.  I just need more bike.  Just a little more, not like liter bike status.  Just UPDATED!!  Plus I find that I am having brake fade now.  I have decreased my times and sometimes I would like a bit more stopping power without coming unglued in the rear.

I also competed in my first true Enduro.  OMG.  It was like 70 miles or something insane like that.  Through the high desert, for hours.  Uphill.  Both ways, in fact.   I don’t even know what I placed because it was a timed trial and I didn’t have the little timer dealie to roll across the line at the precise second you should be.  So, I was about 5 minutes behind everyone.  I had no clue when to start after my fuel break.  I just drank a Monster, poured in fuel waited when I saw the group I had started with cross over the start after their own fuel break.  Not exact science, but it was a ton of fun.  I crashed 3 times, once into a cactus, once in sand, and the other time going up a huge hill and getting cross-rutted.

So, here are the pics…


My Hiatus In Photos – Starting in Fall of 2011

I disappeared in Fall of 2011, so not much to catch up on for that year.  It was a crazy year.  I wound up selling my house in SoCal in November, which was a bit traumatic but you know how it is, you have to do what you have to do.  A lot of changes to my life that Fall, so I basically stopped writing and just chose activities to escape reality, so to speak.   That and as it turns out,  I had thoroughly caught the racing bug that year and the race season was coming to a close.  I had won the 2011 WERA West Women’s Super Stock Novice Championship, and preparations were already beginning for the next year.

August – Did some filming for streetluge with a few friends.    We were baking in our leathers.  Long day.



Yes, Yes, Yes, I have been MIA. SORRY!!



Brand new paintjob and brandnew leathers = almost falling off in the corners from the overspray on the seat. 


What happened, you ask?  Uh, racing.  Really, I have no excuse other than I was racing.  And general life responsibilities.  BUT, I did get the 2011/2012/2013 Novice Women’s Superstock Championship (I know, I know, I have to move up to expert).  Although I didn’t get to attend the last round in Las Vegas, I finished 5th in B Superstock Novice and 6th in C Superstock Novice. I was hoping for 3rd, but the old C-horse just couldn’t keep up on the bigger tracks and I simply could not make it to Las Vegas.   I made it to every round except the final.  Incidentally, Miller was FANFARGINTASTIC!!!

So, yeah.  I acted like the horse that got itself out of the paddock and went bonkers.  Why am I not going bonkers now?  Because I can’t afford to race this year 😉  And if I do, I will be racing AFM on some tracks I have never even been on.

Honestly, I also need another bike.  I would looooove the Kawasaki ZX6R.  I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to test the 2013 ZX6R at Autoclub Speedway and it was glorious.  I had been on the 2005 ZX10R and the 2011 ZX10R regularly before testing a customer’s 636 and I tell you what…the first time I touched my left knee in T13 (on street tires), I heard the trumpets of angels.  This was NOT my old 2003 636, nosireebob.  You know the old, and familiar, clunky shifting into 1st gear from neutral.  NO more.  That schtuff got sorted.  In fact, I often wondered if I had even gone into gear.  The first time I put it into first gear, expecting that nasty *CHUNK*, but instead experienced the quiet, I immediately thought “what sorcery is this??”  It was like the engineers finally got rid of the thorn in kawa owners’ sides.  Now, if Honda could just get onto the bandwagon and add a slipper clutch, we’d be in business.

So, yes.  I was cheating on the seahorse and testing bikes up, down, and sideways.  And not only Kawas.  I rode a few others as well.  Did not like the few R6’es I tried.  Granted, they were set up for racers I knew and I am sure it would have felt more stable at speed, but I was not going to pin it on another’s bike.  I tried three R6’es and, laughingly, I found that a street version with cruddy tires, felt the most comfortable.

I also tried a GSXR.  No.  Your tank is too tall. Fail.

I tried a Triumph.  I cannot afford you and your parts are more difficult to get than an older inline 4.  I am sorry.

The KTM RC8R – Didn’t test it, just had to ride it for the sighting laps for Fastrackriders (and only after I signed a paper stating that if I break, I buy).  That’s a whole lotta bike that I don’t need, it is a bit tippy for my taste, the brakes are AWESOME, but the power delivery seemed a bit off with the throttle.  With an aftermarket cam system, I’d have been happier.  It feels like a 600 in weight and flickability, but it has the bite of a liter bike I had to respect.  I need more seat time to really say whether or not I like it.  Plus money, money, money…and all sorts of other excuses to stay on a Honda.

Except for you, sweet Yamaha WR250X, I love thee and would never abandon ye.  Wait, what?  I didn’t tell you I bought a 2009 WR250X Motard??  I did, I bought Eric’s WR off of him awhile back.  And I LOVE it.  It is my favorite bike, for the street.    I also bought a CRF150R and raced a few times on it (one Enduro, and the Elsinore GP), as well as a 2002 Honda RC51 SP2 that is being fixed up.  Geez. I have been MIA.

The reason I decided to make a post after such a long break was also because I took off on my first real weekend ride of the season and had so much to share about it.  The weather is amazing in the Bay Area (oh yeah, I moved.)  The green moss is so velvety and it is covering almost everything.  The springs and rivers are running, the temperatures are just getting warm enough.  Yes, folks, it’s that time again to get your streetbikes out of the garage and take off on a little adventure.  Or two.

I will post a bit in the following days about rides, routes, the obligatory maintenance, and, of course, warnings.  Until then, stay safe!