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Sprint Karts

Went Sprintkarting at Adam’s Motorsports

And I was waaaay faster than the last time I was there. I hadn’t been driving in quite a while but I had improved greatly.  I had two spin-outs at first but nothing I couoldn’t get out of, no starter-rescues lol.   I am sure the time I have been on the motorcycle track has helped greatly.  I am no longer afraid to brake deep and give it gas.  it was such fun.  I only did 2 sessions but that was enough.  I had to get back before traffic so it was just plain fun 🙂

I spotted this in the shop and sooooo thought it should be mine. lol

K1 Challenge GP Kart Race

Out of the blue, Justin, my streetluge coach calls me up to invite me to race karts at K1 Speed in Carlsbad. Now I thought at first it was just to ride some laps with the electric karts and I honestly wasn’t interested. I drive the race karts out at Adam’s in Riverside where you can flip your cart off a banked turn if you miss your brake marker. So I thought the electric indoor karts wouldn’t be much fun. Then Justin said the magic words, “It’s a GP race and you get to race  with the regular drivers.” Race? Done deal. I’ll meet you there at 6:30 PM. 

So, hopped up on Monster and Techno, we drive the hour to Carlsbad and check out the facility. Not damn bad. This looks like a ton o fun. And look at the times! Holy Crap! They’re running 25’s. These guys must ride all of the time. Plus the kart track was awesome, great safety features, it’s  the longest kart track in Cali, and it’s real asphalt!  I haven’t driven a kart since last year and I had never been to this track, if I want to even remotely finish well I would need to focus.  And I have only 2 sessions to figure it off before the race.

We arrive and meet the crew, sign up and meet the staff (which are cool as hell) and find out we have two reverse qualifying 14-lap sessions, and one 16-lap race.  The first kart I get is not that bad but I spend the majority of the time getting to know the track and the kart. My best lap time is a 27.806 – Not acceptable. I am DFL in my qualfying group.  I don’t know if my ego can even handle that blow, lol. FOCUS!!!!  S runs a 26.779 – Justin runs a 26.557 and is fastest in our practice group. I am so facking behind it is pathetic.  Better luck next time.

Qualifying Session 2, I get THE crappiest set of front tires on the planet, but it is fair. We draw kart numbers out of a hat and girls pick first. Luck of the draw. I lay down a best lap of 27.483, slightly faster but equally unacceptable. S lays down a 26.691. I am pissed at the tires and can be heard screaming about how facked up they are on the Go Pro footage.  I am torqued. I can only hope for a good kart with good tires on the next draw. My standing is completely non-competitive and I am questioning my abillity as a driver.  I have to remind myself it is just a kart race and not AMA Superbike and relax.

The official race starts at 8 PM and I am determined to bin it or win it. Or at least come in top 5.  My qual time has me way back on the grid though, and these guys are regulars. S is gridded at 3rd position and Justin is gridded high in a different race group. We have our efforts spread out, someone has to bring home the gold 😉  I then realize that  am taking this way too seriously. hehe

 Onboard Video of My 16 Laps of Glory 😉

Coming out of a slide from being hit in the rear

We grid up for the race and I am pumped. There is only one girl in another group and I am not racing against her. She has been racing for a month solid and was at the last GP race. She is younger, she is my nemesis. 😉 We are gridded in pitlane and then coast out for a rolling start. My position across the start depends upon the guy in front of me, will he be able to draft the rider in front and get a clean start? Of course not, he lags behind, which transfers to holding me up and then takes off after the green flies.  I immediately dive into “race mode” and it is an absolutely no prisoners, all go, no quit, no holds barred race.  It. Is. ON.

Halfway through Lap 2, Lt. Wade, a very competitive, ex-military, digital camo-clad  regular at K1, must have spun around because he is facing me in T4 and I bump him head on, thereby facking up my pace.  Oh well, rider’s attrition, that moves me up one space.  In Lap 8 I pass two drivers around T10 and it is GO TIME.  I am up 3 spaces total. In Lap 11, I set up early to pass a final rider in the inside of T2.  I am 4 positions higher! And then out of nowhere, Lt. Dan passes me in the inside of T2 with 3 laps to go. I draft him for a bit and then I lose him forever. His kart clearly has more power as he pulls away from me in the straights.  Plus his knowledge of the track further distances me from 4th position, and I come across the checker at a respectable 5th.

The official write up on K1’s website: http://www.k1speed.com/blog/k1-speed-carlsbads-5th-gp-1537.html

Redesigned My Website

So here is the obligatory post announcing it 🙂


Hit 60-65 on the Sprint Kart Track Today

sandbox2At least that is what my coach, David Kerr, said. We only topped those speeds on the straightaway of course. It surprised me, but I guess it shouldn’t since the first 4 or 5 laps were nothing but spinouts, mostly at the sandbox. Troy even called me “Spinner” lol. Coach said we did about 50 laps, I say we did less but coach is always right. lol I am sore again, my shoulder blades always get it every time from the lateral G’s. Even with the smaller seat (and this one is really tight on my hips, can you say “does this kart make my ass look fat??”) I did walk away with a bruise on my inner left knee. I need to relax more.

I drove the school’s #13 today, and I even got to drive David’s personal kart (#40) for once, which kicks #13’s ass every time. I think I spun out about 7 times. The tires were super-coated and hard and it took forever to scrub them off. We wound up increasing the tire pressure and I went around the track going back and forth, still didn’t work. Apparently whomever drove it last drove it S L O W on a hot day. David had to take #13 for the spin and he ran the track backwards and frontwards and pretty much chewed it the whole time. When he got back after a few laps, the tires were slick again, and HOT. We lowered the tire pressure again and it was golden after that. It was 102F today out there on top of the friction and asphalt, ugh.

I only got one bump draft today. I am still taking the last corner too wide and on the hill, I spun out the last time on some marbles on the crest. I need to remember to cut those corners sharper.

Had some excitement before I ever got there, I was in my car and driving behind a dually work truck that kept running off the road and spraying my car with gravel so I passed him on a double yellow on a turn and forgot I was NOT on my bike and drifted through the turn, breaking traction the whole time. I had to have left scars on the road. THAT SUCKED. Adrenalin, of course, rushed through my body because I could have gone off into the barbed wire fence, but I kept it under me with only the slightest bit of a fishtail but a ot of flattracking. The ESP flashed and BAM it was over. And I was thanking God, David, and then cursing myself for being so damn stupid.

Anyway, we were going to skydive after but it was too hot and the time slipped away from us. It was so hot we wound up going for a swim at David’s house and then getting ice cream. Cooling down was hardcore today. Dripping! However, it did give me a chance to test out the Under Armour Heat Metal Gear and guess what, it rocked. It does work. I don’t care what anyone says.

The pic is of the sandbox to my right which I apparently felt at home in today.

I Am Off to the Sprint Kart Track…

I am caught up on work, horses are fed, it’s time to get my race ON. It’s gonna be hot!