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Street Luge

New Videos Posted (Streetluge Crash, Chuckwalla Lap)

2010 IGSA Championship Streetluge Crash: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gK7Hi4CUMdY

Lap Around Chuckwalla Raceway on my CBR http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jg9HAhVMsBo (just getting to know this track)

Option B: Streetluge Race This Weekend

There will be a gravity race at Barrett Smith Rd, which runs parallel to Hwy 94 (Campo Rd).  Barrett is rough and windy and is 3 hours away from me.   It starts off at the stop sign near the 94 at the top and then drops off in a set of about 17 turns, ending with a fast straight stretch across the finish.    There are no bathrooms, there are no hotels nearby, the road surface is cracked and dirty, and there is no purse for the lugers that I know of.  lol. 

 The event is for two days and I’d have to camp to make both events.  Justin (my coach) is not going and the only people I know that are going are Maia and Tabi.  They are going to have to represent because I am not going to go all the way out there and spend the gas and time, jacked up on caffeine all day, to race Barrett again.   It is Kludy’s birthday (a downhill speedboarder friend of mine) and I really would love to see him have a good time, but it’s just too far for what it is.  Although the weather will be lovely 🙂 


Video From The IGSA Streetluge Championship

IGSA WorldCup – I got 6th!! WOO!!

Practice on Saturday

Thanks to a double draft pass before the finish, I came in 6th 🙂 

I have to say this year’s event was better than the two previous years.  The turn out wasn’t as high and all of the stupid-fast guys weren’t there this year, so without a ton of riders this year we actually got a considerable amount of track time and it was a lot more fun in general.  Granted, it wasn’t as great for Marcus and John financially, but it was a great event this year overall.  


IGSA World Cup Streetluge Race This Weekend

The time is upon us once again.  This weekend at Bonelli Park in San Dimas, the IGSA World Cup will welcome gravity-fed competitoirs in downhill skating, classic luge, streetluge, gravity bikes and downhill inline skaters.   Although the turn out is not expected to be as high in streetluge this year, the event is a go.   The weather is expected to be between 85-92F and sunny.  Which is a welcome treat after this week of nonstop rain. 

Unfortunately Maia won’t be there, but the rest of the TRS team will be.  Ronnie, Justin, Rick, and of course, myself.  That’s about it for our team. lol   We’re hoping Steve Fernando will show up, but that’s doubtful.  Christian Conaway will be on his custom TRS sled this year as well.

I skipped Maryhill last year due to timing and personal reasons and am currently ranked a low 55 in the world (out of 158) with 604.04 points but that may have been at the end of the last year .  What a difference a single race makes.  Although the Perpetual calendar says I have no rank this year. Confused and honestly don’t care.  Because this year it is on for US races. lol

I’d like to thank my 2010 sponsors who made this race possible!

  • Randal Speed Trucks
  • Abec 11
  • Three-Toed Sloth Productions
  • TRS Streetluge

Wish me luck!

Maia Doing Much Better

After two weeks in the hospital and a new back brace to support her why she heals, Maia is out!  She was flown to New Mexico on the 23rd for physical therapy for the next month and a half and has been walking about a 1/4 mile a day. 

Pic before her first surgery, bones partially in now. When I saw them, they were out. ICK. I just zipped her leathers up again and told her not to look. Although her hand was wonky and attached pretty much with only soft tissue.  It’s just a wonder she is not paralyzed. Her spinal cord was literally lying on her L1 and L2.  But holding her up kept it off, and God intervened, I don’t know. It’s better to be lucky, than good. That’s all I know.

A few days after her spinal surgery (second surgery) – And on her second transfusion that day alone.


She’s out! Celebrating with breakfast at IHOP before her flight out. She can walk a bit, but only with a brace.

What an accident like this costs.

  • One custom TRS Streetluge = $900
  • 3 Randal Trucks with Sponsor discount approximately = $300
  • Abec 11 Wheels (sponsored)
  • NJK leathers = $700
  • 1 helmet(= $60
  • 1 pair of leather gloves (mine) = $50
  • Hospital Bill for two surgeries including rods and screws for 5 vertebrae and pins in her arm and wrist = $75,000 and climbing

And she still hasn’t learned…

Just kidding 🙂 She can’t even bend over, she was just holding it to scare everyone.  But she was thinking about it.

Streetluging Tragedy :(

I was streetluging with Maia on Monday evening to practice for our upcoming streetluge race. She was testing her new sled adn bearings/wheel set up on the hill above my house. Well, it didn’t go exactly as planned.

She didn’t brake for two turns, went wide and went right off the side of the road, and off the cliff.  By the time I got to her she was face down in the sand and rock, not moving. I called out to her and she grunted a bit. So I slid down the hill and she started sliding more so I jumped and grabbed her foot before she could go off the next shelf onto the rocks and trees below.

I asked her if she could more her neck or back and she said it hurt so I didn’t know what to do, well she started immediately sliding more and then she partially turned on her side. That’s when I saw the blood.  I grabbed her arm and the zipper had come down somewhat. I noticed her hand looked “wrong” so I looked to see where the blood was coming from and saw her bones sticking out of the underside of the wrist.  That’s when she went to move her arm and her hand flopped to the side of the arm like it wasn’t attached! I zipped up the sleeve of her leathers again and told her to keep her weight off of it.

I thought she was going to bleed out so I made the decision to see if we could move her. She was still ar risk of sliding but I was holding her to keep her from going any further.  She said she needed to catch her breath before she tried (turns out she bruised her right lung as well). She really couldn’t move very well and so I put my arm under her crotch and she crawled out of the ravine with one arm and her two legs and me doing a whole lot of pushing. The last 5 feet she crawled on her knees and I helped her to the quad.  I went to go get her sled and a truck came by and offered to get her to the hospital but she said no so we’d go to my garage and put her in her truck.

I got to the garage and told her they were going to cut her leathers off so did she want me to remove them. She said yes so I helped her get her arm out, and then before I got the broken arm out I wrapped a clean shop rag around her wrist and taped it. hat one came off pretty easy.  The legs were more difficult but we got them off. That is when she started asking me where she was, how she got there and what happened, EVERY 20 SECONDS! I had to repeat every 20 seconds what was going on until we got to the hospital.

With my assistance she walked backwards to the truck, and I had put a pillow under her back at her request. The hospital was 15 minutes away.

We got there and it turns out she broke her back in 2 places, bruised her lung, dislocated her foot, and dislocated her wrist AND broke her radial styloid process (bone). Ironically, it is her favorite bone. Maia is a trained EMT and she always liked the way those words rolled off the tongue.

She had her first surgery on Monday night to correct her arm and has percutaneous pins sticking out of her arm. They didn’t think her back was as bad as it really was. Turns out her spinal cord was lying on top of L1 and L2. So after an MRI and conforming this, they decided to do surgery. She had to wait 2 days for back surgery in which they fused T11-12 and L1-L3 with rods and pins. Now she will be that way for at least a year while it heals. She is no longer allowed to do anything until she is healed, and possibly never again (extreme sports) because if the rods fail, she can be paralyzed from her ribcage down.

This is her after spinal surgery, high as a kite 😦  Note the Abec 11 decal on her cast.

She was actually a paralysis risk from the time it happened and the doctor said it was a miracle the crash, moving her or her moving herself didn’t paralyze her. She is very lucky 😦 I am ont the way to the hospital in a few minutes as they are going to try to put a brace on her and have her take her first few steps.

Her parents came into town so I was able to leave and let them visit with her now. I had been there for the first 3 days solid. It was so awful watching her be in so much pain, not know where she was and aspirating vomit out of her throat. I just pray she will be okay 😦