Fitting the Acerbis Universal Supermoto Fender to a WR250X (Part 2 of Mods)

I freely admit I pulled a complete girl card on this and asked Shawn to do it for me.  To be honest, I did not want to screw it up.  Naturally, I supervised a little.  Then I said forget it, have at it, what could possibly go wrong?  I had two requests, please review the... Continue Reading →


Payday!  Parts for the WR!

I caught the mod-your-sumo bug a few weeks ago when I saw a custom WR250X on CL.  I reached out to the guy and let him know how awesome it looked and to ask about his seat and tailsection but apparently he was too good to write me back.  So I kept searching around and found the... Continue Reading →

Shorai Is At the AIM Expo in Orlando Oct 13-16

So stop by and say hi to Shawn and Phuc!  I won't be there. Shorai Inc., the leader in the design, development and manufacture of lithium starter batteries, announced the company will be in attendance at the fourth-annual American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo), the powersports industry’s largest trade and consumer show in North America. Shorai... Continue Reading →

Back in the Saddle Again

And tired, and out of shape.  My last physical therapy appointment was yesterday and she said I was healing better than average.  If all keeps going well, I can get my hardware out in about 8 months to a year, depending upon what the surgeon says.  Although, it is kind of cool to have hardware,... Continue Reading →

2013 In Review

2013 was an INSANE year.  It was very difficult, life threw me some curves.  Can I get a do over. please?   Someone also broke into my truck and stole my tire warmers, a spare Shorai battery, and two ShoeiX11  helmets.  My insurance refused to pay for anything, and I even had to pay for the... Continue Reading →

Yes, Yes, Yes, I have been MIA. SORRY!!

    What happened, you ask?  Uh, racing.  Really, I have no excuse other than I was racing.  And general life responsibilities.  BUT, I did get the 2011/2012/2013 Novice Women's Superstock Championship (I know, I know, I have to move up to expert).  Although I didn't get to attend the last round in Las Vegas,... Continue Reading →

Draggin’ a Knee

Well, I finally did it. Consistently. However, it was on my TTR fitted with soft compound DOTs.  New Year's day, after fair amount of champage for breakfast (and a few gin/tonics for lunch) I got thrown on the TTR and full gear and told to ride around in circles until I got it down. Well, I... Continue Reading →

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