2013 In Review

2013 was an INSANE year.  It was very difficult, life threw me some curves.  Can I get a do over. please?   Someone also broke into my truck and stole my tire warmers, a spare Shorai battery, and two ShoeiX11  helmets.  My insurance refused to pay for anything, and I even had to pay for the... Continue Reading →


An Awesome Birthday Present

  I received a package today care of my good friend, Em Alicia (MissBusa) and to my surprise it was the Pink MagOGrip Wristband that I really wanted!  The MagOGrip actually has some pretty great sticking power and it's cute, too!  For those of you who like pink, or if you know a lady rider /... Continue Reading →

Autoclub Speedway Trackday – Feb 13

I worked for FastrackRiders on Saturday which was great, very busy and fun.  There was a huge KTM Press-only demo event so that was pretty cool to see all of the new KTM RC8 1190 bikes, the Duke, etc.  The riders had an awesome time, the turn-out was excellent and the weather was perfect.  But let's... Continue Reading →

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