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2013 In Review

Sep-23-2012-WERA - z_Pits-Etc - CP1_70972013 was an INSANE year.  It was very difficult, life threw me some curves.  Can I get a do over. please?   Someone also broke into my truck and stole my tire warmers, a spare Shorai battery, and two ShoeiX11  helmets.  My insurance refused to pay for anything, and I even had to pay for the broken glass, which I am STILL finding in my truck.  I couldn’t race without a helmet, so I had to buy another (a Shoei X12 WOO!!).  Thankfully, I received a 50% discount.  I still don’t have tire warmers, so I borrowed them for the rest of the year.

I won the WERA West Women’s Super Stock Novice Championship and now have to go to Expert status.   I also got 5th in B Superstock Novice and 6th in C Superstock Novice.  I didn’t make it to the last Las Vegas Round, but I DID make it to Miller. Which is the best track EVER.

I was till packed from Miller, so me and my take-off-shod C Horse took off to race  a round out at Streets of Willow for Motowest GP.  I think all of us who went to Miller for WERA were still itching like mad to race, so we all kinda crashed the MotoWest party.  I  took home 2nd place in Mediumweight with the boys, heehee.  Not bad for a track I haven’t been on in years and with barely any practice.  I had a minor, and totally preventable, mechanical on Sunday morning so I was stuck with my bike’s guts hanging out during practice.   While changing a throttle cam, a “helpful” hand pushed the throttle cable in and it looped on the guard.  So, off the airbox went and then some.    I KNOW better than to change things before a race, too.  Now it is set in stone with me.

I realized that I would reeeeally like a ZX6R.  I am tired of the C horse.  I mean, I like  her.  I just need more bike.  Just a little more, not like liter bike status.  Just UPDATED!!  Plus I find that I am having brake fade now.  I have decreased my times and sometimes I would like a bit more stopping power without coming unglued in the rear.

I also competed in my first true Enduro.  OMG.  It was like 70 miles or something insane like that.  Through the high desert, for hours.  Uphill.  Both ways, in fact.   I don’t even know what I placed because it was a timed trial and I didn’t have the little timer dealie to roll across the line at the precise second you should be.  So, I was about 5 minutes behind everyone.  I had no clue when to start after my fuel break.  I just drank a Monster, poured in fuel waited when I saw the group I had started with cross over the start after their own fuel break.  Not exact science, but it was a ton of fun.  I crashed 3 times, once into a cactus, once in sand, and the other time going up a huge hill and getting cross-rutted.

So, here are the pics…


New Racetrack Distance Gas Cost Calculator From FastrackRiders

So you think $249 for a trackday gives you sticker shock?  Well, have you factored in transporter fuel cost and gate entry fees?   Well, now you can 🙂

FastrackRiders now has a calculator on their website where you can enter:

  • Your Zipcode (where you will be traveling from)
  • Your Gas Mileage (MPG)
  • The Cost of Gas per gallon (Use GasBuddy.com if you want to find the cheapest gas in your area, or any area while on the road)
  • Your Desired Track’s Zip Code (for your convenience, the local and semi-local tracks zipcodes are provided for you for reference)
  • And the desired  track’s entry fee (if applicable)

Click “Calculate Savings”  and you will get a break down something like this…


The 1.7 Mile Infield Course at Autoclub Speedway With FastrackRiders – YES!!!

AKA My Day In Level 1 😉

FastrackRiders put on a trackday event June 7th and 8th on the infield course (1.7 miles) in Fontana.  Please note that the infield course map on Autoclub’s website is actually different than what Fastrack ran.  The configuration that we ran was actually tons more fun and more technical! I added a modified map to show you the course we rode. So while some of you naysayers (I won’t say who) who thought this was going to be a Mickey Mouse course, you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.  😉 This infield course was technical and challenging and was quite a work out.  Plus since the length afforded so many laps you could improve upon the entries, apexes and the drives out of some pretty tricky turns without having to spend significant time riding down very long straights, which really doesn’t require much skill IMHO.  Now don’t get me wrong, Autoclub is my home track and there is definitely a level of comfortability that you have when riding a configuration you know like the back of your hand.  But the infield was a nonstop, stay-on-your-toes experience.  Even the fast guys had a difficult time passing each other until certain areas of the track.   Plus it has been a few years since this configuration has been offered, no one had the advantage of memory by repetition.  Everyone was challenged! 


An Awesome Birthday Present


I received a package today care of my good friend, Em Alicia (MissBusa) and to my surprise it was the Pink MagOGrip Wristband that I really wanted!  The MagOGrip actually has some pretty great sticking power and it’s cute, too!  For those of you who like pink, or if you know a lady rider / mechanic who loves pink, this makes a great gift 😉

Many thanks to you, Em 🙂 You are awesome!

MotoRace Reports Track Tuesday – Featuring Em Alicia! (MissBusa)

I love this photo! 🙂

MotoRace Reports highlights another fellow female trackday junkie this week… my good friend and favorite BMW racer, Em Alicia!  Check it out! 🙂


What Does A Woman Rider Look Like? Like This…

Pamela from Helmet or Heels made this great blog post which includes photos of women from all walks of life who ride.   There is no stereotype,  check it out!   What Does A Woman Rider Look Like?

My Customary Birthday Trackday With FastrackRiders!

Although I usually ride on my birthday (which was Sunday) I switched with one of the other registration girls whose birthday was also on May 22.  I was going to be at the racetrack both days anyway so she might as well get out and have some fun away from the smell of exhaust,  race fuel and trackfood–which I find palatable–on her own birthday.   I am thankful to be able to ride AT ALL so I was game.  I’m so glad we switched!   The weather was perfect!