Sharing This Post: A Climber’s Christmas

Super cute gift ideas from The Dihedral for the Climber in your life!  I especially liked the climbing refrigerator magnets.  Although I cannot use them because I have an (austenitic) stainless fridge.  Drat. If you love climbing, they have the best stories : )  


New Rear Rubber!

Thank you to Shawn for buying it and Faultline for the hook up on a good deal.  I was worried about not having a good tire for the hill climb.  Now all I have to worry about is staying on the bike : ) Everyone was up late last night, wrenching, packing and loading.  Even... Continue Reading →

Virtual Reality – HTC Vive Party

Today was my first experience with a really good virtual reality system.  A fellow coworker (and fellow Gemini!), Darrien, brought in his HTC Vive system which is AMAZING.  I mean it-blew-my-mind-yes-this-is-worth-$2500-bucks-amazing.   At first when he mentioned the price I thought, that’s a bike!  He had set up in the shipping warehouse and we were using... Continue Reading →

Foresthill OHV

We greatly enjoy riding new areas.  We were getting a bit bored with riding Hollister on Saturday so we packed everything up that night and took off super early Sunday morning to ride at Foresthill the remainder of the 3 day weekend .   We had never been there and thought, why not?  I mean, how... Continue Reading →

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