Faultline Motorsports Hollister Hills Red Sticker Ride 2017 Was Fantastic!

Shawn and I (via Shorai) attended the 2017 Faultline Powersports - Hollister Hills SVRA Red Sticker Ride this past Saturday to bring in the new season. Faultine puts on a great event and gives away a TON of prizes, with raffle tickets available for FREE! All you have to do is go to each vendor's... Continue Reading →


Foresthill OHV

We greatly enjoy riding new areas.  We were getting a bit bored with riding Hollister on Saturday so we packed everything up that night and took off super early Sunday morning to ride at Foresthill the remainder of the 3 day weekend .   We had never been there and thought, why not?  I mean, how... Continue Reading →

OH, And New Parts For The CBR!

I received a new pillion seat (yes, I said that!), new bolt kit, a new set of headlights (yes, headlights!) and I have the brand new satin black bodywork.  I have new mirrors and a light kit coming for it, too. What blasphemy is this you ask?  Am I giving it up and the C Horse is going... Continue Reading →

Tired of This Rain.

February 2017 (was in my drafts) We have been under a constant downpour and flooding for weeks on end.  I know we need it desperately; a few good years of this may get us back on track.   But it gets old.  The chickens were standing in knee (technically the Avian ankle) deep water if they came out of... Continue Reading →

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