2013 In Review

2013 was an INSANE year.  It was very difficult, life threw me some curves.  Can I get a do over. please?   Someone also broke into my truck and stole my tire warmers, a spare Shorai battery, and two ShoeiX11  helmets.  My insurance refused to pay for anything, and I even had to pay for the... Continue Reading →


My Hiatus In Photos – Starting in Fall of 2011

I disappeared in Fall of 2011, so not much to catch up on for that year.  It was a crazy year.  I wound up selling my house in SoCal in November, which was a bit traumatic but you know how it is, you have to do what you have to do.  A lot of changes... Continue Reading →

Need. To. Race.

As it looks now, the Vegas WERA WEST event (April 2-3)  just isn't going to happen.   One thing after another came up this month and I am simply tapped out.   I still need a rear tire, entry fees for three races, track time on Friday and travel/gas expenses.    And I have 8 days in which to do it . ... Continue Reading →

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