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A Funny For Friday

Tyler Shepard “The Wheelie King” sent us these photos, ELVIS! YES!




My New [to me] KX100!!

Santa was nice to me this year…and here is my KX100 in all its pink and black glory : )    It is soooo much better than my TTR 125!  Shawn did the research and found a guy whose wife decided a 2 stroke was too much for her.  Since I have been putt-putting around for over a year on my TTR, it was time to trade up!  We drove out there and luckily the guy was flexible on the price.  And so Isabeau found her new home.  Yes, I actually named my dirtbike.  And yes, I actually named it Isabeau (from LadyHawke) lol. I have never named an inanimate object in my life so I have achieved a (more…)

Del Amo Motorsports Event & Some Wheelie Machine Fun

I worked for Fastrack Riders to help promote track riding at the Del Amo Motorsports Annual Parking Lot Sale last Saturday.  Due to the stupid-hot weather, the turnout at was low.  But enthusiasm was high!  We signed up quite a few people for our free trackday raffle.  It was me, Amy, Don and Tiger hanging out, meeting and greeting, staying hydrated and looking at all the cool deals we wished me had the money for, lol.  I brought some Race Candy – for fast people only, of course 😉 Which become a popular attraction, repeatedly, by the same offenders. 😉 They kept calling it ‘The Famous Helmet Candy’ and it got around.

During a little break, Don hooked me up with a Wheelie Machine ride! Video to come (having problems with the rendering) 🙂  Although I don’t understand the concept of get it all the way back (onto the bar) and feather it off.  Granted, the sprocket was humongous and the forks had pretty much no oil in them so you just bounce it up and you’re, well, up.  The landing can be a bit hard but like I said, I don’t get the stand all the way up stunter thing first and then balance it.  I do get the power wheelie and just throttle it up and forward.  Pretty much impossible on a dyno with a tie down strap.   But I didn’t get the hang of balancing it because I couldn’t understand what he was saying. But it was fun!

It’s my first try – as I was told by a YouTube idiot on my dirtbike wheelie vid: Rookie Status, son.  Um, I’m a girl if you didn’t notice the boobs, and B. it’s a funny dirtbike wheelie.  Bite me.  So maybe this will redeem the pain of having to watch my db wheelie, son…