Hey, if I can get out of bed these days without something hurting, I'm good.


I’m Goin’ Racin’!

Yes, you heard that right.  Apparently I have something wrong within my brain that has us taking off to Willow Springs tonight to sleep in a race trailer, getting up early, and taking yet another racing school because my provisional will not transfer over to WSMC.  I practice Saturday and then I race in the 600 modified production novice class on Sunday.  What am I, nuts?

True privateer racing, I have no new rubber, no reverse shifter, my bike is 4 years old, I have no sponsor money, and I am not that fast and I haven’t been on Willow Main since April of 2010 for only 2 sessions.   And I HATE Willow big track.  Again, what am I, nuts??

It started out as a track day on Friday since I was going to be out there anyway, but then I figured racing WSMC is easier than WERA West because of the amount of races and the locations of the other WERA events.  Then I just said, what the hell. Do it.

So wish me luck…6 (I hope) laps to stay upright, calm and collected.