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So here is the obligatory post announcing it ūüôā


Ahhhhh Gravity


When the cat’s away, the mice will play. Got my fix again late last night with Jenn (http://www.twitter.com/stuntbabex ).¬†She came over to my house and packed and after we checked the weather we decided to pretty much go for it. It was pretty much, warm, dark and 2 MPH.¬† I was worried about the wind earlier in the day since it was super windy but as soon as the night cooled down, it was great. So we made the long drive out there. It was pretty late and I was thinking about backing out because I’d have to make the long drive back by myself, plus I hate that climb (I’m a lazy BASE jumper). Then she said, “Do you have to be anywhere?”¬† “Um, No.” I reply. “Then f*cking jump!” she said matter of factly.¬† HEHE! Fine!! You twisted my arm.

The hike out there was a different route than I usually take and I completely slipped sideways on the leaves and grass and fell on my side. I started laughing outloud trying to be quiet. Jenn just laughed quietly and I got up and continued on my way.

It didn’t take long to get to the top, it was hot as hell though. I wore my rig (loosely strapped in) on my back with¬†one of Shawn’s XL inside-out¬† www.Higbee-Racing.com shirts (lol!) over it for protection. It¬†was SO much easier to climb with it actually on my back rather than my front while still in the stash bag!¬† I got super hot on the way up so¬†took off the Higbee shirt at the top and folded it and placed it under my first layer in the front.¬†


BTW my new helmet rocks!! I got the full face idea from K (she uses a full-face BMX) so I bought the Bell Hot Wheels Edition¬†Rally Boys’ Full Face Helmet, Black $47. ¬†(if you can believe it, it truly rocks!) from Wal-Mart (Egads! Who knew Wal-Mart carried BASE gear!) and it worked out GREAT! It is very padded and comfortable. I just had to¬†paint over that little Hot Wheels logo. It’s a bit more hot to wear while climbing due to the area covering your mouth area, but it affords so much more protection than¬†the skydiving helmet I usually use. It fits perfectly and protects everything without interfering with your vision. I strongly recommend this type of helmet in BASE, way better than¬†even the skate helmet I have¬† which everyone seems to use. I didn’t wear gloves for the jump either, put those in my pocket. I did use¬†them to climb but going handheld with her 48 using gloves–no thanks. That’s a lot of fabric to hold in one’s hand.


This pic was taken at the halfway-I-need-to-rest-my-out-of-shape-ass-point

Lotta apprehension¬†before the jump. I hadn’t jumped since April (holy shit! 3 months!). Plus I put on the PC in the dark down in the bushes with the use¬†of the light from Jenn’s phone. My leg straps felt weird. I had tightened it to the point where¬†the hardware was¬†starting to eat¬†the elastic keeper so I made sure it wasn’t caught in the hardware itself. The straps still felt loose overall compared to my skydiving rig, although it was fine. I know I didn’t lose weight so WTF?! Will check that out in the light today after I pack.¬† Took me a bit to step off. I kept saying, “I’m scared” lol! It was super dark and I hadn’t gone handheld off that object yet, and with a different PC on top of it. Jenn was an amazing supportive buddy. I really liked jumping with Jenn.¬† She is calming, supportive, quiet, helpful, knowledgeable and understanding.

Before the jump,¬†I texted Shawn (he had texted me while I was on the ladder on the way to the track. I couldn’t text back right away, he had no clue I was actually jumping that night since it was so late).¬†¬†Afterwards I started my gear check (AGAIN) and having her check me as well.¬† I obsessed about the PC again, hehe.¬†I made¬†sure repeatedly that the bridle was no where close to wrapping around me, etc.

So I stepped out on the edge, and after a few swear words and about 5 more glances at the bridle and making sure fabric wasn’t¬†over my fingers on the PC, I counted down and jumped. AND THREW! ¬†lol.¬†A 10th of a second of a delay in my throw from stepping off haha. It seemed like it took forever to open since I tossed it so early. In fact, with the amount of caffeine I have in my system right now, just thinking about it just now gave me a charge and kicked in my caffeine buzz.

During the jump and waiting for it to open. I remember seeing that glow from one of the red lights pass me and thought, “Crap, this is it.” lol!¬† I haven’t thought that since my first¬†A ¬†(which was also handheld). It is amazing how fast the mind really works,yet how much every detail slows down. ¬†And then the sound of the wind rushing past me picked up and SNATCH!!! It opened with such positive force my neck made a mental note to send me hate-mail. I had a little off heading opening to the right. (Jenn said my pilot chute went weirdly left and then my canopy turned right on opening). It wasn’t bad enough for rear risers so I unstowed and turned left, realized I had a lot of altitude and then turned it a little to scrub off altitude. It was dark as hell and NO WIND.¬† I hit the ground feet first (be thankful for the little things),¬† took a knee, and hand to the ground–right into stickers! Ouch!¬† My canopy almost landed on top of me, no wind at all.¬† WOOT! What a great jump! AWESOME!

I started daisy-chaining my lines and then stopped to take off my helmet so I could hear Jenn’s jump (she was going stowed). I started dealing with my canopy again and then heard the familiar windy sound and then CRACK! Her canopy opened and she landed about 35 ft off to my left. Her landing was great, at least what I could see.¬† Man that opening was loud!¬† I love that sound!

Anyway, so we¬†stashed our gear¬†and took off. I dropped her off at her car to leave for her camping trip, then¬†I made the long drive back home.¬† Just in time for the beginning of a great sunrise. I fed the horses early so I could sleep in and there you have it. I can’t wait for her to get back in town. haha!

**I know the pics are dark, and/or blurry, but you don’t expect me to burn an object do you?? Need to know basis, my friends. Apologies.**

Sorry I have Been MIA – Been In Training With X4


I have been training a lot with X4 and they have been advancing nicely ūüôā We have been mostly training in streetluge and dirt. We’ve been doing a lot of runs around San Diego and up by my house a lot. Mesa was unbelievable. The 90’s on Mesa are INSANE.¬† I thought for sure I wasn’t going to make it on some of the turns. I rocked it. lol.

Went Streetluging with X4 Today

After the shoot we all took off for¬†a few runs in my area for some board time. Major fun and progress.¬† Can’t wait to hit Bonelli and hopefully Mary Hill with the girls this year. Here are some pics…