Sunday Solo Ride to Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Shawn has been at the AIM show in Ohio so I wanted to get out and do something other than cleaning house, doing laundry and being a proper little housewife *rolling eyes*.   So I decided to take off at around noon and head to Big Basin. Now, when I am riding by myself I am... Continue Reading →


RC51 Undertail with Integrated Lights Has Arrived!

It's so shiny, too!  My first reaction upon unboxing it was the rigidity.  I was expecting cheap compression plastic but it is actually fiberglass with a serious lacquer on it.  It is extremely well-made and painted.  Which is confusing because the product description said ABS plastic. 'See below: ____________________________________________________________________ 2000-2006 Honda RC51 LED Undertail SKU... Continue Reading →

I Pulled the Trigger

And bought the Victory Red and Force Silver bodywork and will replace the headlights with the OEM.  Now all I have to do is get the tank painted to match after bodywork fitment to be sure on location of decals before clearcoating. I bought it from EZMoto after watching a few unboxing reviews.  I have... Continue Reading →

We Have Lift-off (Finally)!

It has been a long, long, long, loooong process.  I bought this 2002 Honda RC51 SP2 a few years ago, way back in June of 2013! Before The prior owner had crashed it (I think highsided from the looks of it) on an on-ramp and I have since piece-mealed this back together.  Very, very slowly... Continue Reading →

Payday!  Parts for the WR!

I caught the mod-your-sumo bug a few weeks ago when I saw a custom WR250X on CL.  I reached out to the guy and let him know how awesome it looked and to ask about his seat and tailsection but apparently he was too good to write me back.  So I kept searching around and found the... Continue Reading →

Little Ride On Sunday.

Even though it was hot, although not triple digits this time, I wanted to go for a short ride.   Traffic was not that bad this time so I followed Shawn aimlessly, as is customary, here and there, and everywhere.  We wound up taking some unknown backroads (not pictured on the route) and then through Casserly... Continue Reading →

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