The Satisfaction of a Clean Garage

Before   After! Shawn is not the most organized being on the planet.  He hoards everything from scrap metal to battery cells to hardware that he will probably never use.  Like father like son. Me?  I get rid of everything, I hate clutter.   Except my shoes and handbags, according to Shawn that's a little out... Continue Reading →


Hillbilly Vacation: What To Do In The Ozarks

Long, long ago (26 years ago) I once lived in the Ozarks.  Harrison, Arkansas to be specific.  It was only for a few years after my Mom moved there (28 or 29 years ago) but I soon discovered it was only for outdoorsmen (-women, whatever).   Basically we would float/swim the Buffalo, ride, hike, scubadive (freshwater),... Continue Reading →

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