The $100, Used, OEM Shift Lever. Or Why I Chucked my SECOND Hammerhead Designs Shifter In the Trash and Went Back to Stock.

When Shawn bought my YZ250F it came with a Hammerhead Designs CNC Billet Aluminum Shift Lever.  The thing retails for damn near $70 so it has to be pretty awesome, right?  Well, I noticed it had started loosening after a few months and had to carry a wrench to tighten it occasionally while on the... Continue Reading →


How to SAFELY Jumpstart a Lithium Motorcycle Battery

Although Jump Starting should be avoided, emergency situations arise.  Maybe you left the key or your GPS in the on position, maybe your starter motor is being a pain and you were cranking away at it, thus discharging your battery.  Or maybe you did absolutely nothing and it just stopped working out of nowhere.  What the... Continue Reading →

My First CAD Project: From Design to Print

3D printers are probably the single most useful technology item that I actually enjoy.   I admit, I cannot stand most social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) I don't care for texting.  I am not exactly a Luddite or anything, I just dislike how everyone cannot have actual conversations or actually pay attention to the world... Continue Reading →

Love Is…

When your dearheart agrees to ride your 150R so you can go riding at Hollister. Backstory...Shawn's CRF450R chewed up the clutchbasket cushions. When I say chewed up, they are gone: I saw some remnants under the pressure plate and the rest was in the crank case  This was after the majority of it was cleaned... Continue Reading →

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